December 31, 2010

Rumors: Grey Knights III

If you couldn't yet tell that I am excited about the Grey Knights, this post will be your third clue. Welcome back to what is currently The Magnet Pro, but is slowly churning itself into The Rumor Hut. Bell of Lost Souls has yet another entry of Grey Knight rumors posted up for a look-see. I must admit, Grey Knights are looking pretty ridiculous, but I won't spoil the fun. More info after the jump.

December 21, 2010

Rumors: Grey Knights II

Jesus tap-dancing Christ the internet is lighting up with rumors this month! Well, it seems we're getting one more helping of Grey Knight rumor casserole. While it didn't cover what I feel is the most exciting aspect of the new codex (psyker vehicles), it did hit on some key items everyone wants to know. You can check out BoLS forums for this info or you could skip the 10 year old comment fillings and check out Blood of Kittens Network for a neat and tidy little list. For a less tidy list, but with my always-clever commentary, check out what I have after the break.
New Rumored GK Psyker Tank; Gets 35mpg.

December 19, 2010

Rumors: Necrons

It appears that the blogosphere is up and at it with new rumors on my favorite codex army; Necrons. These rumors mean two things for me. First, when "reliable" rumors start emerging from the depths of the internet, it has repeatedly proven to mean that GW is currently working on the rules for said army's next codex. This makes me quite giddy. The Necrons are arguably the worst army to be competitive with and I must say I'm surprised they haven't had an update yet. Secondly, this gives me something to write about. Dark Future Games and Inquisitor Lord Aki have already given their reviews. Check out the rumors and my take on them as I beat this topic to death after the jump.
New Monolith Variant? I Heard From A Reliable Source, Yes.

December 6, 2010

AdMech FanDex
FAQ v5.120610.L

Just a quick post today. I have our first FAQ made up for some quick additions, removals and corrections and plan to have a couple more of these before the next version of the FanDex is out. I'd like to take the time to thank everyone for the support and help I've received. I truly didn't expect the amount of help I've been getting. I've gotten through all of your emails and made decisions based on the input of others and my very own brain! I'd like to give a special thanks to a couple of individuals who've done more than their fair share of collaboration on this FanDex: Nick Thom and Derek Reihe. You guys rock. On my side of things (as you can probably tell) I've been in a slump of sorts since the Open-Beta release. I'm not sure where all my motivation has gone, but I'm still trying to be diligent about updates. Speaking of which, coming up after the jump: The first FAQ.
*enter loud and obnoxious noises to get your attention here*

December 3, 2010

Rumors: Grey Knights

As usual, I'm jumping in late on a popular topic as-of-late. The Grey Knights are the next codex in line from GW and with that, the community receives a truck load of rumors associated with it. Some are flat-out fanboy made-up-ed-ness while others are true and shed light on how the army will feel come release. The following is the more popular rumors that I've found in the community.
Let The Games Begin!

November 17, 2010

AdMech FanDex Is Here!

After months of work (and play) it's time to unravel what you all have been waiting  patiently ("patiently" being a loose term) for. The Adeptus Mechanicus are up for download at a link further into the post, and I encourage anyone and everyone, including your Grandmother, to take a gander.

November 8, 2010

So... Very... Close...

It's been brought to my attention that I haven't put out an update in a while, and all of the fans out there (or at least two that I know of) are eager for more of "The Pro". My ego knows no bounds. So, what update do I have for you all? Outside of the FanDex, not much. Oddly enough Minecraft has been taking up my painting time, and if you value yours don't click on that link. But anywho, the FanDex. I'm happy to report, we're close...
So... Very... Close...

October 18, 2010

Necron Completion and AdMech Playtesting Continued

It's been a very busy couple of weeks. Car troubles, weddings, boozeseses, etc. I haven't had much time for 40K, but the last couple of days I've finally found some time for some painting of the Necrons.
I'm still working on constructing a lightbox for pictures, so hopefully this is the last time horribly dark pictures will parade around these parts. Click on the pictures for a better view, this can compensate some for lack of proper lighting.

September 30, 2010

AdMech FanDex Playtesting

What in the heck is this? That bed spread hasn't been cleaned in like... And when was the last time that carpet was vacuumed? These are all valid questions, if you were my mother. Since you're not my mother (I assume) you're probably focusing on the pages strewn about my bedroom. So what exactly is going on here? It's the next phase ladies and gents. Step 17 or something in the AdMech FanDex adventure I'm on.
This was the last day of editing in which I wasted countless pieces of paper (or 55) in order to visually see the layout format for the codex. Currently I'm holding in my hand the playtesting draft of the FanDex, which is causing me to type very slowly... So I'll finish up by saying that closed-beta playtesting will run through October, possibly longer depending on how I feel about it and then open-beta playtesting will be available for the masses. And as always, click the link in the top right corner for daily updates.

September 25, 2010

Rules: Necron Tomb Stalker

Jumping in late on the topic that's already been posted everywhere imaginable; I'm here to give my 3 cents on the topic of one of Forge World's new Necron pre-releases for Games Day UK this year: The Necron Tomb Stalker.

September 18, 2010

Necrons, World War I and A Large Lunch Box

I've got a few topics for today. First, some more Necrons I've finished painting, bringing my total Necron painted point cost to almost 1000 points (a big accomplishment for me.) I'm continuing the black shells of green glowiness, which is still turning out pretty well.
I'm still finding it difficult to get my pictures brighter, but these turned out okay. As always, click on the pics for the larger/clearer view. Check after the jump for more models and pics:

September 17, 2010

Oh How I Love Irony...
And Mobile Suit Gundam

A friend of mine at work found a link while lurking around the intertoobs. Knowing I'm a fan of some of the Gundam universes, he showed me this epic website:
It's the RX-78 (My second favorite mobile suit in the MS series) made out of empty sprues used to make the RX-78 model. In its signature pose, this thing is the definition of epic. A-may-zing. I had quite the nerdgasm over this.

I'll have an update soon on some painting I've done. Until then, peace-easy!

September 12, 2010

Damn You, 11th Company!

With 60-70 hour work weeks it's been a rough time keeping up with my podcasts. And I'm still not caught up on the old 11th Company casts (easily my favorite podcast) as I only discovered them a month or so ago. But, today I got in some time at work to listen to the latest 40k Radio and 11th Company and I have to say; I'm pissed.
I rely on The 11th Company for strategy and living vicariously through their discussions to get through these 2 months of overtime at work that I've seldom been able to work on the hobby because of (aside from the Ad Mech Fan Dex, of course). I'm an avid listener and I love the crap out of their show. However, this week was a bit different.

August 29, 2010

AdMech FanDex and Necron Update

I've finally completed my small 500pts of Necrons and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. Overall the whole thing probably took about 6 hours for 20 Warriors and the Lord, but I'm sure with as much black and green as I'll be using in the coming days it'll start going faster.
(Click for closer view)
More pics after the break!

August 18, 2010

Space Marines For Sale!

That's right! All of my magnet/conversion Space Marine work is going up for sale! This will hopefully provide the funds I need for my upcoming Adeptus Mechanicus project! So if you want to own The Magnet Pro's original army and conversion work, now's your chance!
For all the details, check out my eBay auction for the army at the link here, and good luck to all you bidders!
(For conversion work, follow the link to my blog here and click on the "Space Marines" tag on the left!)

August 8, 2010


Irony <ahy-ruh-nee>
(–noun, plural -nies.)
Definition: When a Lantz reminds people about Warhammer 40K Rules.
Don't be frightened as this doesn't happen too often. My memory being that of a goldfish's prevents me from remembering how old I am most of the time (thank you blogger profile.) In this instance my memory isn't even involved as I've copied the material below from the latest episode of 40kRadio ( I know it's been up for a while, but it's been a busy week... Get off my back!) In their latest podcast a list of the top 25 (or 26) most forgotten rules for 40k was laid out for the masses. While some of these are obvious at least to me, there are a lot I forgot exist and 1 or 2 I don't think I ever knew. There's definitely something here for everyone. Hop on past the break for the lowdown.

August 3, 2010

Black and Green Fingertips

Two posts in the same week, I must be sick. Howdy-how fellow miniature lovers. I have a special treat for anyone who accidentally stumbled onto my blog looking for painted models to judge. On any other day I'd say you came to the wrong place, but last weekend the strangest thing happened. I had the urge to paint. I know, it didn't make much sense to me either, I've never felt that feeling before and admittedly my world was turned upside down. Up was down, left was right, right was wrong and Breaking Benjamin put out an album that didn't sound like the same track 14 times in a row.
Thankfully, about 30mins into painting my usual hatred for it came flooding back and the universe made sense again. But being the stubborn jackass I am I pressed on, determined to at least finish something in this hobby. I present to you, my 17 Necron Warriors.

August 2, 2010

No More Elves!

Ah yes, no more elves in my life... I also found a nickel in the dryer this afternoon! Today's going to be great day!
Anywho, I bring up this title for two reasons. The Adeptus Mechanicus FanDex I'm working on is the first reason. I know there are some people watching the updates on this project, which is really great. It means there's a want for it. And with how little advertising I'm doing for it so far, coupled with the large amount of hits and followers I'm getting without putting out even a sample page yet makes me feel just dandy. Like I'm back in school where I'd have 37 1/2 people follow me around throughout the day (one of them was a midget.) But I'm getting off track. For those of you following the updates you may have noticed the work time being put into the FanDex is getting a little more thin than it used to be, and I can chalk this up to three problems.

July 18, 2010

40k Radio's Return

Well, it's back. 40k Radio has returned to the intarwebz thanks to Battle Foam's Romeo Filip taking an interest in its resurrection. So how is it? Who's the new crew and how did they handle things? Was there a commercial for Battle Foam shoved in every 37 seconds? These answers and more after the break!

July 15, 2010

Next Up: Adeptus Mechanicus (Updated)

Update 07/18/10:
Hit a speed bump yesterday so I'm probably behind by a week now in order to iron out some new additions I put off making until a week after the last second. My list of Heavy Support didn't seem hefty enough, so I'll be including a variant of a long favorite in the 40k community. 

Update 07/22/10:
I decided to include my update log on here as well, so enjoy the slow crawl:
06-07-10 – 5th Edition rule updates
06-08-10 – 5th Edition rule updates
06-10-10 – 5th Edition rule updates
06-12-10 – Stat experimentation
06-14-10 – Stat experimentation
06-15-10 – Stat experimentation
06-17-10 – Army Special Rule changes
06-18-10 – Unit Special Rule changes
06-20-10 – Unit Special Rule changes
06-21-10 – Army Special Rule additions
06-22-10 – Stat restructuring
06-24-10 – Stat restructuring
06-26-10 – Grammar and spelling updates
06-27-10 – Stat restructuring
06-29-10 – Unit and Army Special Rule changes
07-01-10 – Question the existence of God and stat restructuring
07-03-10 – Vehicle Special rule experimentation
07-04-10 – Codex structure updates
07-05-10 – Codex structure updates
07-06-10 – Wargear collaboration and restructure
07-07-10 – Armory point value evaluation
07-08-10 – Beginning Army List collaboration
07-09-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-10-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-11-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-12-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-13-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-14-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-15-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-16-10 – Contemplating suicide
07-17-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-18-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation07-21-10 – Restructure of Army List format
07-22-10 – Restructure of Army List format
07-26-10 – Restructure of Army List format
07-28-10 – Restructure of Army List format
07-29-10 – Restructure of Army List format
07-30-10 – Restructure of Army List format
08-02-10 – Restructure of Army List format and continued Army List collaboration
08-05-10 – Restructure of Army List format
08-10-10 – Restructure of Army List format
08-11-10 – Restructure of Army List format
08-13-10 – Final unit addition
08-14-10 – Final unit addition
08-16-10 – Fluff/Lore additions
08-17-10 – Fluff/Lore additions, Cleanup for Rough Draft
08-18-10 - Rough Draft Complete!
08-19-10 - Closed Beta Read-Through for Grammar
08-29-10 - Sneak peek at one of the Special Characters:
09-05-10 - Editing
09-06-10 - Editing
09-07-10 - Editing
09-08-10 - Editing
09-09-10 - Editing
09-10-10 - Editing
09-11-10 - Editing
09-18-10 - Editing
09-19-10 - Editing
09-20-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-21-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-22-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-23-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-24-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-25-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-26-10 - Editing
09-28-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-29-10 - Editing
10-01-10 - Closed-Beta Playtesting
10-02-10 - Rule Review and Editing
10-03-10 - Rule Review and Editing
10-06-10 - Editing
10-07-10 - Editing
10-13-10 - Editing
10-17-10 - Continued Closed-Beta Playtesting
10-18-10 - Editing
10-19-10 - Editing
10-21-10 - Editing
10-22-10 - Editing
10-23-10 - Editing
10-24-10 - Continued Closed-Beta Playtesting
10-25-10 - Editing
10-27-10 - Editing
10-28-10 - Unit Addition
10-29-10 - Unit Addition
10-31-10 - Editing
11-01-10 - Unit Addition
11-02-10 - Editing
11-04-10 - Editing
11-06-10 - Editing
11-07-10 - Continued Closed-Beta Playtesting
11-08-10 - Editing
11-10-10 - Editing
11-11-10 - Editing
11-13-10 - Editing
11-14-10 - Editing and Continued Closed-Beta Playtesting
11-15-10 - Editing
11-16-10 - Editing
11-17-10 - Open-beta released!
12-06-10 - FAQ for v5.120610.L Released!

Update 02/08/11:
As you all have noticed, I'm no longer putting minimal updates on this post. It's a needless hassle I don't want to deal with. With that, know that I'm working on the FanDex almost every day and I now have a small team working on this rather than just my lonesome self so things are moving along at a great pace. As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, you should see the new version of the FanDex before February. The newest version is a lot more clean as far as rules go, "stream-lined" if you will. There are countless major changes and modification that have been made in order for this FanDex to be as playable as possible. The battlereports are still coming in and I would like to thank everyone who's participating very much and I hope the next beta is even more entertaining for everyone.

While I can't toss out all the information I have on the new version (as that would be near impossible for one,) I won't leave you without some detail. Essentially, most of the previous Imperial vehicles from other codices have been removed and/or replaced. This was the complaint I saw the most, too many vehicles we've already seen before. While I personally think it makes sense that the creators of IG and SM vehicles would bring those with them when they go on their Tech Quests since they're always readily available, I do have to agree that it makes the FanDex feel less personal. We have how many SM codices right now? Yeah, no one wants another SM dex, even in partial. So here's the juice.

New unit entries you'll see in the next version:
  • Knight Titan
  • Tech-Priest Transmechanic
  • Phantous
  • The Forsaken
  • Gant
  • Cantharis
Names are all I'm throwing out for now.

Update 02/21/11:
A couple of weeks ago I added a few units to the FanDex that I forgot to post here. Once again, names are all I'm giving out at this time. Worry not, I'm estimating the next version of the FanDex is about one week away.
  • Caminus-Priest
  • Cult Abomination
  • Divexo Beacon
Update 02/28/11:
The 2nd version for beta testing (v5.022811.L) is up! Enjoy!

Update 03/29/11:
The new FAQ is up for the second version of the fandex!

Update 04/04/11:
Clarifications on the Walking Transport Special Rule have been posted.

Update 04/25/11:
I'm pleased to announce I now have a team of four to-be-named fluff writers working hard on the fluff entries for the fandex. I'm excited to turn this fandex into more than a rulebook come the next version. Hopefully those of you that enjoy fluff as well will enjoy what the team has in store for you.

Update 04/29/11:
As some of you might have seen, there has been a series of articles I've written about the AdMech FanDex's past, present and future on MWC. In the third article I mentioned the following units are to be included in the fandex's next version:
  • Imperial Jetbikes
  • Iron Father
  • Iron Hands
  • Textura
  • Tech-Priest Artifex
  • Solus Infiltrator
  • Luceo Rollers
  • Termite
There may be one more unit included in the next version, but I'm still getting this one down on paper and haven't begun playtesting it yet, so I'm not too hopeful. I'll keep you all posted.

Update 05/17/11:
Announcement of the Fluff-Writing Team.

Update 06/02/11:
Updates here will stop as keeping up with this log is getting a little tedious. With changes happening so rapidly I would be updating this thing daily and that time is better spent elsewhere. Just know the project continues and I'll be updating you all here as time goes on.

July 3, 2010

Combi-Weapon Kit

A quick shout out to a website I have just found via Dark Future Games and a product that, after viewing it, made my pants fit better. The website is and the product is as my title would entail: Space Marine Combi-Weapons. The kit includes 1 Combi-Bolter and 4 magnetized attachments (grenade, plasma, melta and flamer.)
Now, if you know me at all (or have checked out the title of the page you're on,) you know I love magnets and I also love Combi-Bolters. Needless to say, I just purchased 8 of these within minutes of witnessing them. I don't see this being my last purchase from this place, either. These guys sell a wide variety of custom made bits at very cheap prices.

As for the future of The Magnet Pro, I have my next army choice selected and I'll be working out a post soon to explain the plan for said army. So stay tuned for that.

Later days.

June 23, 2010

Monolith Resurrection
and Illumination

Last time I promised you Necron lovers an update, and here it is. The back story for this project is simple. A friend of mine who played Necrons almost a decade ago doesn't play them anymore and was willing to sell off his ancient Monolith for cheap. Because I was getting this thing for almost half price what GW wants for it, I thought, "Why not attempt a conversion that will probably end up in its annihilation?" So that's exactly what I did!

June 18, 2010

A Shout Out to a Metal Mind

I wanted to make a post highlighting one of the most creative minds on miniatures I've seen in a long while, probably ever. Mark Hofmann of Musings of a Metal Mind is a creator of many things 40k that some have never laid eyes upon. So, I invite anyone who hasn't witnessed his masterpieces to read on and check it out.

June 4, 2010

Battle Report: My First Singles Victory

Hi, hello, welcome and other thingies. Not very often do I post something non-craft related, but this is one of those rare occasions. Friday nights are our 40k group's game night and tonight was full of epic fun. I played against my good friend Trent in a singles match. I've never won a singles game before (not since our group has learned all the rules solidly,) but tonight changed the everlasting pattern of losses and ties. Let me get to it:

Table Size: 4x4
Point Value: 1500
Game Type: Seize Ground
Deployment: Dawn of War
My Army: Ultramarines
Trent's Army: Space Wolves
Going First: Me
Square Root of 199: 14.106736
Best Cake: Chocolate

April 8, 2010

Ultramarines Update

After a Necron update, I thought I should put out an update for my other army, The Ultramarines. After reaching the purchasing plateau of Space Marines (pretty much at least 1 unit/vehicle/model of everything) I've run out of things to mod, magnet and mess with. With a heavy sigh, I feel it's time to paint. Anyone who knows me or reads this blog knows I have a severe hatred of painting, but I've made some headway on the task at hand!

Day 1 of painting went well. I completed 1 Assault Marine and I think he looks spiffy:

April 2, 2010

Necron Update

It's been a while since I've posted something, but that's honestly because it's been a while since I've done something post-worthy. As my friends will tell you, I enjoy the custom conversions and building of 40k models more than anything else. They'll also inform you of my extreme and probably unrealistic hatred of painting. This would beg the question, why are they talking about me so much? But it would also answer the question of why I consider models as "done", twice. When a model is complete with everything except "foo foo", I consider the project complete. The "foo foo" I'm referring to is priming, painting and basing. After those 3 things are done, it's once again "complete." So, in an attempt to move away from quotation marks and self discovery, I present to you the rest of the Flayed Ones from my conversion in a previous post:

March 11, 2010

A Pleasant Surprise for the Boys in Blue!

The partial cast has been announced for my army's movie, and I have to say, it's looking "bloody brilliant!"

See what I did there?

February 21, 2010

Dreadnought Drop Pod Conversion

Hello again! Today I have another first attempt that went quite well. First I'll explain how this came to be. I like my Dreadnoughts, a lot, but I like them even more when they're dressed up in something smexy like a Drop Pod. But if you've ever seen a GW Drop Pod, you might wonder how a Dread might fit inside one. I thought the same thing. So I took a trip over to Forgeworld and BAM!

I found this hawt item. Unfortunately I'm not into spending almost 100 bucks on a Drop Pod. So I took to my elite Google searching skills and found this video on youtube. So, a Dread CAN fit in a GW Drop Pod. Bloody Brilliant. Well, I'm here to share how to complete this man's genius idea through my own tutorial. *Queue Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Theme Song* Join me, won't you?

February 18, 2010

Wraith Lord Conversion

Here we are again, with another Necron conversion.

Necron Lords, as you probably already know, have the ability to trade in their legs for a Destroyer Body. While I want my Lord that runs with the Wraiths to have this upgrade, it seemed like he didn't fit in with his jet-bike-speed homies.

I found conversions online, and while some of them are pretty amazing, I wanted to try something less time consuming.

February 11, 2010

Warrior to Immortal/Flayed One Conversion

Welcome back! Today I've come to tell the tail of devising a scheme on how to trick myself into starting my Necron army! Simply: GreenStuff and Saving Money. I'll explain..

February 10, 2010

Chainfist Conversion

Quick conversion tip here for other people like me who have a bunch of Black Reach Termies. I love my Termies, I really do. But their lack of bits annoys me. Obviously this is why the box is such a bargain, but I wanted chainsaws, damn it!

January 20, 2010

Chronus Conversion

Welcome back! Christ, I'm pumping out the posts lately, aren't I? Today is a conversion I'm very proud of in its finished product. Recently I purchased another Predator with the idea that I would be trying out Sergeant Chronus. This would mean I would need to make a model of him for my tank and on foot, but here's my problem.

1.) I don't like painting flesh. So a helmet is a must.

2.) His helmet is quite awesome, but very unique and isn't something I can bitz order:

So, I decided to use a Tank Sergeant's helmet for both models, as 1 comes with every vehicle which means I have a lot. But if I'm going to use my own helmet, that means I'd have to make his model for on-foot from scratch. This wasn't really an issue until I realized I had no Servo Arms...

It was time to get really creative.

January 18, 2010

Assault Terminator Conversion

Welcome back to another post that hopefully grabs you like a magnet (/badum). Today's installment is something I experimented with the last few weeks and have almost finished now that I've got the kinks worked out. Here was the lovely process:

Yes, I'm Cheap
The whole point to magnets is to save money. That's really all it boils down to for me. If I'm going to reach the point where I'm spending more on a conversion than it would cost me to buy 2 different models, etc--I probably won't bother. Luckily, with GW's prices, I don't think I'll ever run into that issue. Ha! Hahahaah.... ha..

This set here costs $50 at normal retail pricing. I myself like Assault Terminators with the destructive force of Lightning Claws as well as the survivability of the Hammer/Shield combo. But I'm sure as heck not spending $100 on just 5 dudes so I can have both. Magnets are the obvious solution:

January 15, 2010

The 10th Terminator Conversion

How I was brought into 40k is a simple story: Two of my friends played, 1 of them wanted a quick/cheap Ork brigade, and found the Black Reach set to be the quickest solution. They purchased 2 of them, built the Orks, yet had a good amount of SMs going to waste. Those 2 people suckered me in with free Marines! Something I'll never forgive them for!

Anywho, the whole point to this story is, I have 2 groups of normal Termies, but I find myself only ever bringing 1 group. Since, of the 10 Termies, 2 of them are Sergeants I often find myself shorthanded due to not having a 10th Termi for 1 group. My solution? eBay. I purchased a Space Hulk Terminator for a few bucks, got it in the mail and found that while the weapon option is nice, it's not something I'll always bring. Magnets are yet again the solution. But where do I get a normal Storm Bolter arm?

Legion of the Illegal

Fiiiiiinally got my Legion of the Damned in, and I'm quite gleeful. While I wanted to wait for the 2nd set of Legion of the Damned Squad that GW has released, I couldn't help myself. There's a problem with the first set, however.

The Sergeant is modeled illegally:

January 13, 2010

Land Speeder Conversion

My roommate is taking the first step to what I believe the game revolves around these days: vehicles. We took a trip to our local game store where he grabbed up the last 2 Land Speeders they had. Seeing as they come with a lot of weapon options, he asked me to make the things unsafe near electrical equipment. More specifically, magnetize them. This was my first time ever doing one of these (that's what she said,) but he asked me to figure it out. So here's how to magnet up your Land Speeders:

January 5, 2010

The Midnight Shift's Demolisher Conversion

I want to encourage anyone who visits here to take a little trip to Eric's blog for a great tutorial for a Demolisher weapon conversion. I am very impressed with the finished product and I think his guide provides some great info for old and new gamers alike.


January 2, 2010

The Name Game

I have changed my blog's name to something more egotistical. Seeing as more than half of my posts are about magnet conversion I've taken up the name The Magnet Pro, self and otherwise proclaimed. Las One Standing was quite catchy, but I feel the new name fits my blog better. As for magnet conversions, I can promise more in the very near future.

Happy New Year!