December 31, 2010

Rumors: Grey Knights III

If you couldn't yet tell that I am excited about the Grey Knights, this post will be your third clue. Welcome back to what is currently The Magnet Pro, but is slowly churning itself into The Rumor Hut. Bell of Lost Souls has yet another entry of Grey Knight rumors posted up for a look-see. I must admit, Grey Knights are looking pretty ridiculous, but I won't spoil the fun. More info after the jump.

All Grey Knights (Including Terminators) are said to have frag & krak grenades, as well as the return of some old chestnuts from the days of yore such as blind and psych-out options.
I'm not sure what the Blind and Psych-out options will bring, but giving Termies grenades of any kind is pretty kick ass.

Eversor Assassin - This guy is said to get +d6 attacks on the charge, and comes equipped with 2+ poison equipment.
Let's assume worst case scenario this guy has 1 attack standard, that means he could potentially be swinging 7 attacks that wound on a 2+. I pooped a little..

GK Librarians - We've heard that a wider array of Librarian ranks are available, some allowing over 2 powers per turn to be used.
More than 2 powers per turn means the days of Eldrad being all fancy with his 3 powers per turn will no longer let the Eldar hog this awesomeness.

Some of the reported Librarian Powers included crazy stuff like:
*The lowering of a target unit's toughness.
This is nuts, pure nuts dipped in ball-sauce. Bringing enemy T4 down to 3 is a massive advantage; suddenly those plasma shots are instant death with no armour save.

*A "Stealth Kustom Force Field" that hands out the USR to all nearby friendlies.
Assuming the USR is Stealth, this is pretty great. All the non-SM/Terminators in this dex suddenly have some great survivability.

*An "Inverse Gate" to yank a friendly unit from wherever, to right near the Librarian.
I always wondered why this wasn't in the game. With DE I've heard there's a way to pull enemies to you, but I don't recall a dex that's out right now that uses this mechanic to bring friendlies to yourself (save the Monolith.)

There you have it. Not a long list, but informative. What fascinates me is the turn Terminators seem to be taking in this dex. According to the rumors so far a Grey Knight Terminator is a 2W, grenade toting, FNP, 2+/3++ save Psyker with abilities to boost its own Toughness to 5 or Strength to 6. Basically, a monstrosity compared to the current Terminator lineup in all other codices out right now. The rumor that a 2000 point Grey Knight list consisting of 20ish models is looking more and more solid.

This is actually the direction I think we should be going with SMs in general. In all the fluff and books I've read and heard about; a group of 5 or so Space Marines are more than capable of holding off waves upon waves of Nids as an example. The game just doesn't play out this way. More often than not a Nid can take out an SM one on one in melee combat, this has always bugged the crap out of me (pun intended.) Albeit, the game wouldn't feel as epic, but a 1500 point list should consist of 15ish SMs on one side and 500 Nids on the other if we were following the rules of fluff. While this would impossible to balance and would cause most Nids players to ditch their armies due to carpel-tunnel syndrom, it would have the people who really enjoy the fluff cumming our pants on a regular basis.

I'll leave you with that visual.

Later days.


  1. I do like that the Grey Knights appear to be developing their own distinct flavor of space marine. I am a fan of small, powerful armies over horde armies (because I'm lazy).

    Hopefully, the Grey Knights will be able to use some of those terminators as troop choices. Otherwise, capturing objectives is going to be really tough.

  2. That's a good point. If the rumors are true, a special character will enable Termies to be used as a Troop Choice. I hadn't thought about what that would mean for capturing points, but it sounds rough to fight against.

  3. Remember, if you wipe the opponent from the board in any scenario its a win :)

  4. Just curious, how did that work out for you against Darrel's Fatecrusher force? =P