December 6, 2010

AdMech FanDex
FAQ v5.120610.L

Just a quick post today. I have our first FAQ made up for some quick additions, removals and corrections and plan to have a couple more of these before the next version of the FanDex is out. I'd like to take the time to thank everyone for the support and help I've received. I truly didn't expect the amount of help I've been getting. I've gotten through all of your emails and made decisions based on the input of others and my very own brain! I'd like to give a special thanks to a couple of individuals who've done more than their fair share of collaboration on this FanDex: Nick Thom and Derek Reihe. You guys rock. On my side of things (as you can probably tell) I've been in a slump of sorts since the Open-Beta release. I'm not sure where all my motivation has gone, but I'm still trying to be diligent about updates. Speaking of which, coming up after the jump: The first FAQ.
*enter loud and obnoxious noises to get your attention here*

Page 5
Blessed Power Armour's description spelling correction:
"The Power Armour a Rune Priest wears is a strange sight."

Page 5
Rune Priest Stat changes (after Combat Enhancements):
WS: 4
BS: 3
S:  4
T:  3
W:  2
I:  4

A:  1
Ld: 10
Sv: 3(i)
(The Rune Priest is meant to be a Psyker and nothing more. Giving him the stats I had previously also made him a good choice for melee as well. I don't want the Rune Priest to be an easy take-out in close combat, but I don't want anyone using him for this purpose first and foremost.)

Page 6
Rune Priest Power, Chant Of Release's Range changed to 6".
(The Rune Priest at this point is a mediocre close combat fighter, and I want to keep his ranged attacking abilities at the same level for the same reasons I mentioned above. In the same respect as giving him a Force Weapon, I'm also keeping his ranged attack at S5 AP2. The idea is to keep his hits quite powerful, but not plentiful; you could take this guy out easy peezy, but one of your buddies might be going down with him.)

Page 6
Rune Priest Power, The Binary Squirt Of Desist removed.
(I'm shocked that out of everyone only 3 of you brought up how cheese this was. At this point I can't think of a way to get this to work the way I want it to without it feeling like a pause button for the game. In it's place I've added the following:)

Page 6
Rune Priest Power, The Binary Squirt Of Destruction added with the following rules:
This ability can only be used when a vehicle receives an Explosion result from the Vehicle Damage Table. When rolling for the explosion's distance, roll 2D6 for the result.
(Someone who's pitched a lot of ideas to me came up with this one and I love it as a replacement. I may add in a +1 Strength to the explosion as well, but for now, we'll try just a bigger boom.)

Page 6
Rune Priest Powers, Chant Of Control and Chant Of Critical Malfuntion description correction:
"This power counts as a shooting attack that only affects vehicles."
(To reiterate, this guy isn't firing laser beams from his mouth and eyes; he's chanting. No shooty. Chanty.)

Page 15
Robot Maniples WS stat set to 3 lowered from 4.
(While Robots are strong semi-organic machines, they aren't the quickest and most elegant weapons on the field. And so I felt that a weapon skill equal to a Space Marine felt odd.)

Page 17
Mechanicus Land Speeders are removed from the FanDex.
(I'll be completely honest, I hate Land Speeders. I really do. I wanted to keep them in the FanDex as I felt I was tearing too much out of Tim's 3rd edition beauty. I'm sorry, Tim... When I picture AdMech, I don't picture much of anything moving very quickly other than specialized infantry. Slow and powerful machinery is the image I get in my mind and well... I'm the one behind the steering wheel on this one. My condolences to anyone who really enjoyed them.)

Pages 34/35
The Hellgun's range has been reduced to 12" and the Hellpistol's range has been reduced to 6".
(These weapons just flat out do too well. Even at 18", I think they tear things up a little too easily. With Admech typically being squishy, we'll see how having to get up closer balances things out.)

Page 37
Cult Bionics' rules have been changed to the following:
If a model with this wargear suffers an unsaved wound, roll a dice. On a 1, 2, 3 or 4, take the wound as normal (removing the model if it loses its final Wound.) On a 5 or 6, the injury is ignored and the model continues fighting. This ability cannot be used against wounds from weapons that inflict Instant Death (by having a high enough Strength or a Special Rule to that effect; even if the model is an Eternal Warrior.) Neither can it be used against wounds from AP1 and AP2 weapons, power weapons and any other wound against which no armour save can ever be taken (like wounds from Power Fists, Dreadnought CCW, Rending weapons that roll a 6, Perils of the Warp, failed Dangerous Terrain tests, etc.)
(This effectively makes Cult Bionics a "5+ FNP". I wanted to avoid FNP as much as possible, but in the end it's the most well known and quickest way to get the feel of Cult Bionics that I want into gameplay. I feel beaten by this one, but too many people agree this works better and isn't as OP.)

Page 42
The BS of 5 Hunter-Killer Missiles and Power of the Machine Spirit receive has been removed. They will use the BS of the vehicle they're equipped on.
(While HKMs feel like a waste at BS 3 and PotMS was neato with an upped BS, tossing in mixed stats for the same model complicates and slows down the game for everyone.)

Page 46
Mechanicus Rhino's "Replace Storm Bolter with:" options; the Heavy Flamer and Heavy Bolter have been removed.
(I'm hoping to revamp a lot of the options for weaponry and slim down the bulky amount of choices a lot of units have.)

That's all for now, folks. Keep those emails coming!


  1. Using FNP rules for your cult bionics is a good idea. It is a univeral rule (that is a bit wordy), but must players have experience with it.

    Dumping the land speeder sounds like the right choice. The AdMech would have access to them, but I also don't see them employing land speeders on the battlefield. They are a little too breezy for anyone but a space marine.

  2. I'm still not happy about FNP, but it's for the greater good and all of that jazz..

    Glad to see someone agrees with me on the Speeders. They just don't fit the behemoth style of AdMech vehicles.

  3. I also agree with the changes you have made. I can just see an Adeptus cloak getting caught in a turbine and someone getting yanked out of the cockpit. While hilarious, I dont think that is your overall tone.
    Now, if you were to put a speeder on some bizzare bipedal walking device with a nuclear core and landraider feet that would be a completely different story.

  4. lol, well I'm not sure a Tech-Priest would be driving one, but a valid and hilarious point.