December 31, 2010

Rumors: Grey Knights III

If you couldn't yet tell that I am excited about the Grey Knights, this post will be your third clue. Welcome back to what is currently The Magnet Pro, but is slowly churning itself into The Rumor Hut. Bell of Lost Souls has yet another entry of Grey Knight rumors posted up for a look-see. I must admit, Grey Knights are looking pretty ridiculous, but I won't spoil the fun. More info after the jump.

December 21, 2010

Rumors: Grey Knights II

Jesus tap-dancing Christ the internet is lighting up with rumors this month! Well, it seems we're getting one more helping of Grey Knight rumor casserole. While it didn't cover what I feel is the most exciting aspect of the new codex (psyker vehicles), it did hit on some key items everyone wants to know. You can check out BoLS forums for this info or you could skip the 10 year old comment fillings and check out Blood of Kittens Network for a neat and tidy little list. For a less tidy list, but with my always-clever commentary, check out what I have after the break.
New Rumored GK Psyker Tank; Gets 35mpg.

December 19, 2010

Rumors: Necrons

It appears that the blogosphere is up and at it with new rumors on my favorite codex army; Necrons. These rumors mean two things for me. First, when "reliable" rumors start emerging from the depths of the internet, it has repeatedly proven to mean that GW is currently working on the rules for said army's next codex. This makes me quite giddy. The Necrons are arguably the worst army to be competitive with and I must say I'm surprised they haven't had an update yet. Secondly, this gives me something to write about. Dark Future Games and Inquisitor Lord Aki have already given their reviews. Check out the rumors and my take on them as I beat this topic to death after the jump.
New Monolith Variant? I Heard From A Reliable Source, Yes.

December 6, 2010

AdMech FanDex
FAQ v5.120610.L

Just a quick post today. I have our first FAQ made up for some quick additions, removals and corrections and plan to have a couple more of these before the next version of the FanDex is out. I'd like to take the time to thank everyone for the support and help I've received. I truly didn't expect the amount of help I've been getting. I've gotten through all of your emails and made decisions based on the input of others and my very own brain! I'd like to give a special thanks to a couple of individuals who've done more than their fair share of collaboration on this FanDex: Nick Thom and Derek Reihe. You guys rock. On my side of things (as you can probably tell) I've been in a slump of sorts since the Open-Beta release. I'm not sure where all my motivation has gone, but I'm still trying to be diligent about updates. Speaking of which, coming up after the jump: The first FAQ.
*enter loud and obnoxious noises to get your attention here*

December 3, 2010

Rumors: Grey Knights

As usual, I'm jumping in late on a popular topic as-of-late. The Grey Knights are the next codex in line from GW and with that, the community receives a truck load of rumors associated with it. Some are flat-out fanboy made-up-ed-ness while others are true and shed light on how the army will feel come release. The following is the more popular rumors that I've found in the community.
Let The Games Begin!