May 31, 2012

Posts Incoming!

It's been a crazy few months and it doesn't look like any conceivable end in site, which I'm more than okay with. As much as I'm missing the hobby, I'm really enjoying not having time for it. However, this week I managed to find a day to myself and so I thought I'd get a few posts out of the way. Over the course of the next 3 weeks I'll be posting some work I completed back in February and a couple from May that I just hadn't managed to get around to writing about. I'm sure you all will really enjoy.

On the fandex front, it's been pretty quiet, but have no fear; I've been working on some ideas with my fellow rules-tinkerers Mr. Lemon and Mr. Reihe since the last update and I'll begin work on this once I have seen and properly digested 6th Edition. On an aside, I'm aware the website is down at this time and I'm working on getting that back up soon.

Stay tuned!