October 28, 2015

Death Jester Complete
('Dem Bones 'Dem Bones)

Another Harlequin down and this time it's the Death Jester. I love this model, I love the concept of the Death Jester in the novels and I'm just a fan of anything grim reaper-looking in general. That said, this model was infuriating to finish as the shoulder half-cloak part of this model does not go place very easily, if you paint models in pieces like I do. Kudos to anyone else who has tried this; it takes some effort. Anyway, more pics after the jump.

October 27, 2015

Solitaire Complete
(Though, All Alone...)

After a short hiatus from the Harlequins, I'm back on track with the next (and easiest) part of the troupe completed. Assuming I ever play 40k again, I wanted the Solitaire, which is relatively easily killed, to not be painted as some grand miniature on the battlefield. I wanted the model to be forgettable and painted like a model that doesn't really matter that much to my tactics on the table, just like an IG basic foot-soldier; when, in actuality, the Solitaire would play an important role in my army's strategy. It's a game of psychology here at TLA! More pics after the jump.

October 20, 2015

Slaanesh Daemon Prince Complete
(So Much Excessive Detail)

One of the things I never thought to get for my Slaanesh CSM army is a daemon prince, just in case one of the characters wins a fight and rolls lucky enough to turn into one. Luckily, when this model caught my eye, I remembered what my army was missing and nabbed one. As you'll see after the jump, this model has an astonishing amount of detail and is surprisingly on-the-nose for a representation of a daemon of excess from a third-party company.