January 16, 2011

Table Top Motivation Part 2:
What Keeps You Going?

Well, we've covered what distracts, discourages and keeps us from our hobby. In part two, we'll go with the more uplifting side of the argument. What motivates us? What gives us the kick in the head we need to get back on track to starting back up the projects we set out to complete in the first place? And on that note, what got us started in on the hobby in the first place? More intellectually superior ramblings after the break.

January 14, 2011

Table Top Motivation Part 1:
What Holds You Back?

Welcome back. It's not very often I post much outside of conversions, shout outs and beating topics to death. Today is one of those rare pearls where I egotistically voice my opinion on something that I've thought about. Seeing as you all itch for my words of wisdom, possibly even thinking about my opinions day in and day out, here's a treat. (If you're still reading this, I'm shocked.) It occurred to me these last few days that I've done very little in the way of 40k or anything hobby related in the last month. I could attribute it to real life goings-ons, which there have been plenty of (moving, work, PnP, entertaining the ladies and bailing people out of jail.) But outside of those things, I have had spare time here and there. So, in part one of this installment I ask; what keeps me from my hobby? And less importantly, what keeps you from your hobby? More after the break.
So Many Questions. So Much Pretentiousness. So Little Time.

January 10, 2011

Grey Knights Incoming:
The I Pooped A Lil' Story

Rumor after rumor has been pooring out of the tubes of the internet for quite a while now. Finally, the day has come. If you check your email you'll notice a little gift from GW; they're coming... April. They're coming... Needless to say I'm quite excited. Hopefully you are too!

Until next time.