January 20, 2010

Chronus Conversion

Welcome back! Christ, I'm pumping out the posts lately, aren't I? Today is a conversion I'm very proud of in its finished product. Recently I purchased another Predator with the idea that I would be trying out Sergeant Chronus. This would mean I would need to make a model of him for my tank and on foot, but here's my problem.

1.) I don't like painting flesh. So a helmet is a must.

2.) His helmet is quite awesome, but very unique and isn't something I can bitz order:

So, I decided to use a Tank Sergeant's helmet for both models, as 1 comes with every vehicle which means I have a lot. But if I'm going to use my own helmet, that means I'd have to make his model for on-foot from scratch. This wasn't really an issue until I realized I had no Servo Arms...

It was time to get really creative.

January 18, 2010

Assault Terminator Conversion

Welcome back to another post that hopefully grabs you like a magnet (/badum). Today's installment is something I experimented with the last few weeks and have almost finished now that I've got the kinks worked out. Here was the lovely process:

Yes, I'm Cheap
The whole point to magnets is to save money. That's really all it boils down to for me. If I'm going to reach the point where I'm spending more on a conversion than it would cost me to buy 2 different models, etc--I probably won't bother. Luckily, with GW's prices, I don't think I'll ever run into that issue. Ha! Hahahaah.... ha..

This set here costs $50 at normal retail pricing. I myself like Assault Terminators with the destructive force of Lightning Claws as well as the survivability of the Hammer/Shield combo. But I'm sure as heck not spending $100 on just 5 dudes so I can have both. Magnets are the obvious solution:

January 15, 2010

The 10th Terminator Conversion

How I was brought into 40k is a simple story: Two of my friends played, 1 of them wanted a quick/cheap Ork brigade, and found the Black Reach set to be the quickest solution. They purchased 2 of them, built the Orks, yet had a good amount of SMs going to waste. Those 2 people suckered me in with free Marines! Something I'll never forgive them for!

Anywho, the whole point to this story is, I have 2 groups of normal Termies, but I find myself only ever bringing 1 group. Since, of the 10 Termies, 2 of them are Sergeants I often find myself shorthanded due to not having a 10th Termi for 1 group. My solution? eBay. I purchased a Space Hulk Terminator for a few bucks, got it in the mail and found that while the weapon option is nice, it's not something I'll always bring. Magnets are yet again the solution. But where do I get a normal Storm Bolter arm?

Legion of the Illegal

Fiiiiiinally got my Legion of the Damned in, and I'm quite gleeful. While I wanted to wait for the 2nd set of Legion of the Damned Squad that GW has released, I couldn't help myself. There's a problem with the first set, however.

The Sergeant is modeled illegally:

January 13, 2010

Land Speeder Conversion

My roommate is taking the first step to what I believe the game revolves around these days: vehicles. We took a trip to our local game store where he grabbed up the last 2 Land Speeders they had. Seeing as they come with a lot of weapon options, he asked me to make the things unsafe near electrical equipment. More specifically, magnetize them. This was my first time ever doing one of these (that's what she said,) but he asked me to figure it out. So here's how to magnet up your Land Speeders:

January 5, 2010

The Midnight Shift's Demolisher Conversion

I want to encourage anyone who visits here to take a little trip to Eric's blog for a great tutorial for a Demolisher weapon conversion. I am very impressed with the finished product and I think his guide provides some great info for old and new gamers alike.


January 2, 2010

The Name Game

I have changed my blog's name to something more egotistical. Seeing as more than half of my posts are about magnet conversion I've taken up the name The Magnet Pro, self and otherwise proclaimed. Las One Standing was quite catchy, but I feel the new name fits my blog better. As for magnet conversions, I can promise more in the very near future.

Happy New Year!