January 13, 2010

Land Speeder Conversion

My roommate is taking the first step to what I believe the game revolves around these days: vehicles. We took a trip to our local game store where he grabbed up the last 2 Land Speeders they had. Seeing as they come with a lot of weapon options, he asked me to make the things unsafe near electrical equipment. More specifically, magnetize them. This was my first time ever doing one of these (that's what she said,) but he asked me to figure it out. So here's how to magnet up your Land Speeders:

First, the weapon-holder for the underside. This little friggin' thing is quite a bit fragile, and my first attempt had me drilling from the top (at a VERY low speed so as to not melt the plastic) to place a 1/8" x 1/32" magnet like in the pictures below. But, I'll be drilling it from the bottom on my second attempt (and that's what he said.)

Next drill into your two weapons and place the same sized magnets like so:

Next take the side doors, all 4 of them and cut off the pegs. HA! Now you're fucked! Nah, just kidding. Shave them down so it's all smooth, like a door that had its hinges shaved off:

Now, on the 2 doors that are meant for the missile pods, they'll have a rectangular extrusion that we want to shave down to be even with the surface of the rest of the door. I'll explain why later.

Next is the part where we get a little fancy. On the sprew with the SM body parts we want to cut out 2 pegs of the same size. I don't have a ruler with me, but here's a visual:

Next, glue that peg in place on the mostly-built Land Speeder, like zees:

Shave a portion of this peg down so we can fit a 3/16" x 1/32" magnet in its place. The magnets used in the previous step are not strong enough in my opinion to hold the missile pod in place securely, these larger one will do the trick perfectly. The peg and the doors in the previous steps need to be shaved down so the door looks correct when it's finished. Finally, magnet all 4 doors so they match up correctly with the Land Speeder, this may take a tiny bit of trial and error.

And lastly, the passenger's weapon choices can be fitted with magnets like so with the 1/8" x 1/32" magnets:

And that's it! Enjoy your many different weapon choices for your Land Speeder:

Another post coming soon, be on the lookout!


  1. Awesome dude. Now all i have to do is figure out how to convert the land speeder into tornado multimelta =)

  2. Great tutorial, it ' s cheaper if you use some metal wire on the door or on the typhoon option instead like in pinning, and just put a magnet in the land speeder !!!

  3. Thanks!

    That would be cheaper, but then you would be stuck with either armored doors or the Typhoon option. With my conversion you can switch between the two at will.