January 15, 2010

Legion of the Illegal

Fiiiiiinally got my Legion of the Damned in, and I'm quite gleeful. While I wanted to wait for the 2nd set of Legion of the Damned Squad that GW has released, I couldn't help myself. There's a problem with the first set, however.

The Sergeant is modeled illegally:

The Sergeant for the Legion of the Damned is allowed to bring a few different special weapons including the Plasma Pistol and Power Weapon, but not both. So I decided to remove the plasma pistol and model a simple fist. Unfortunately sticking a fist out in front of one's face looks quite silly. So, after way more time than I care to admit, I crafted a finger so our lovely sergeant can be pointing at something (in an attempt to mock Eldar Exarchs) rather than raising a crazy-fist:

Sorry for the horrible quality, my camera isn't the best at extremely tiny things. I shaved the finger down quite a lot so it's not so stumpy and it's looking quite nice.

And here's a picture of me drinking an Appletini for no reason:

Until next time!


  1. It is legal... he "may replace his boltgun and/or boltpistol." Sorry for the good/bad news.

  2. Someone pointed this out to me a while back, I guess I thought it was just "and" or "or". Oh well, I don't play C:SM anymore.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. I'm back, just found this again. Yeh it was quite an old post so i thought you might know by now. Happy Gaming!