December 31, 2015

Look What I Did: 2015

This year was a damn good one for me hobby-wise. I painted, I built, I played, I read, I got good news and I surprisingly stayed consistent on this blog and at the hobby table. 2015 was a good one, so join me as I run through the ups and downs of the hobby for me this year and as you prep to get sloshed tonight, won't you? After the jump, a recap of 2015 here at TLA!

December 30, 2015

Vaneth Jornis Complete
(2015 As Well, For Real This Time)

Okay, one more done for 2015. With my group starting a new DnD campaign, it was time to make a new character, and with it, a new miniature. I've had this one from GW's fantasy line for quite a while, hoping I'd be playing a rogue again in the future. Well, that day has come! I kept to darker colors (clearly), using blacks, greys, dark purples and dark-bronze highlighting to the armor, though it's hard to tell in these pics. I kept his face/eyes, daggers and even the highlights on the poison tips of the blades bright to keep the focus on them. Lastly, this was the first model in quite a while where I didn't use static grass for the basing! More pics after the jump.

December 29, 2015

Undead Protector Complete
(Along With 2015)

Just under the wire of 2015 I finished a miniature that I'm not embarrassed about. In fact, I've had this model for years and continue to attempt terrible ideas on it because I like it so much (Anyone know what range this thing is from? I can't remember). This time around I stripped it down with the intent of making this thing something I enjoy so I can stop stripping it and starting over on it every few years. Finally, I have a product I'm happy with. Next time our group plays SoBaH, he'll be ready to roll. More pics after the jump.

December 28, 2015

Wraiths Complete
(Disappointment Is The New Black)

So in an attempt to hit the 100-models-completed mark for 2015, I raced through some zombies in my last post and lastly I was taking care of ten wraiths I have from KoW. I wanted the wraiths to be set apart from the other ghostly member of the army, so I experimented with the ghostly scheme to add something more than just whites and greens. Unfortunately, these turned out terrible, I hate them, and I may never love again. I have some plans in the far future to try and fix them with a few ideas rolling around upstairs, but for now, they'll just hang out behind some taller model. More disappointment after the jump.

December 22, 2015

Zombie Horde Complete
(Shambling To The Finish Line)

The end of the year approaches and, with it, that special time where everyone gets a chance to look back on the last 365 days as they stare up into the sky thinking, "Shit...I didn't do anything." That moment came early for me; about a week ago in fact, while at the hobby table. Every year I make a post for a Look What I Did going over my year in the hobby and like last year, I wanted to count up all of the models I finished in 2015 in comparison to last year. The count was in the high 60's, and while that's better than 2014's total, I wanted to hit the triple digits. Enter, the zombie horde.

December 4, 2015

The Watcher Complete
(Who 'Ya Gonna Call?)

Quick picture dump today as I finished another ghostly model. This time it's The Watcher from the Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter. This model is elegant, beautiful and a massive pain in the ass to put together. No instructions came with this guy so the internet had to help me out in putting him together. All in all, I'm happy with how this one came out, but I'm finding myself already bored of this ghost-making technique. I'll likely be moving on to something entirely different for my next model. Anyway, more pics after the jump.