December 22, 2015

Zombie Horde Complete
(Shambling To The Finish Line)

The end of the year approaches and, with it, that special time where everyone gets a chance to look back on the last 365 days as they stare up into the sky thinking, "Shit...I didn't do anything." That moment came early for me; about a week ago in fact, while at the hobby table. Every year I make a post for a Look What I Did going over my year in the hobby and like last year, I wanted to count up all of the models I finished in 2015 in comparison to last year. The count was in the high 60's, and while that's better than 2014's total, I wanted to hit the triple digits. Enter, the zombie horde.

Finishing up the rest of the zombies for my Kings of War army puts me just shy of the 100 mark for completed models in 2015, but I have a plan to reach that goal despite there being so few days left combined with the busy state of the holidays. More on that in my next post, though. For now, here's some zombie goodness:
(Click To Enlarge)

Until next time.

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