December 30, 2015

Vaneth Jornis Complete
(2015 As Well, For Real This Time)

Okay, one more done for 2015. With my group starting a new DnD campaign, it was time to make a new character, and with it, a new miniature. I've had this one from GW's fantasy line for quite a while, hoping I'd be playing a rogue again in the future. Well, that day has come! I kept to darker colors (clearly), using blacks, greys, dark purples and dark-bronze highlighting to the armor, though it's hard to tell in these pics. I kept his face/eyes, daggers and even the highlights on the poison tips of the blades bright to keep the focus on them. Lastly, this was the first model in quite a while where I didn't use static grass for the basing! More pics after the jump.

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