December 30, 2011

Look What I Did: 2011

The year is quickly coming to a close and rather than look at my hobby table and dwell on all of the work I need to get done, I'll choose on this day to reminisce on all that I have actually accomplished. It's been a busy/full year for me for the hobby, and I didn't fully realize this until I actually put some thought into it. With the AdMech fandex taking up more than half of the year and Necrons coming out towards the end, I've been swamped, but very delighted. I'm looking forward to 2012 and all it will bring. Traitor Legions, 6th Edition, the end of the world; the list goes on. As for 2011, I present to you the start of the newest article series I have dubbed; Look What I Did.

December 25, 2011

Happy *Enter Whatever You Want Here* From TLA!

(Picture From Hull's Angels)

Lantz here. As a heads up, due to the holidays I don't believe Eric or myself are going to be posting much of anything this week or next. He has a family and I have alcohol that needs my sincere and undivided attention. And with the weather being uncommonly warm around here, I am forced to enjoy the outdoors while I can. So, no matter what you celebrate this time of year, even if you don't celebrate anything at all and spit on those that do, I hope all of our readers have a wonderful weekend and after the New Year's Eric and I will be back in full force!

From TLA: Happy Holidays everyone!

December 20, 2011

Strategy: Necron Warrior Blob

Lantz here. Some of you may be asking, what happened to all the hobby talk on TLA? That's a fair question. With the AdMech set to the side for now (a project that's half hobby and half fandex creation,) hobby-related posts have dwindled. For those of you that come to my humble abode for such posts I apologize that you're not seeing what you want as of late, but I assure you there are a few conversions coming along that I'll be posting about in the near future. Until then, the Necrons are my muse as of late and learning how they work and what models I want to purchase is my current focus. Every week for a month or so now I've been posting battle reports with the Necrons, but this time around I wanted to take a week off and have an enjoyable game. Fear not, rules-readers, I'm not going to leave you hanging. This week I want to discuss an up-and-coming Necron setup that seems to be raising a ruckus in and outside of my gaming group: The Warrior Blob.

December 13, 2011

Battle Report: Necrons vs IG

Just Picture The Robot Sucking Out Souls And The Chick In A Sergeant's Hat And The Chess Board As A Battle Of Epic Propor....You Know, This Metaphor May Be Getting Out Of Hand. Just Enjoy The Chick's Hotness.

Lantz and Eric here! We're going to be attempting something a little unorthodox; a collaborative battle report. This is our first attempt at such a thing so bare with us while we work out the kinks. This week we wanted to try some Necron on IG action. 1500pts was our mark for this game. We had to use our secondary table as the main table was in use by the other members of our gaming group, the only downside is that it's a 4x4 instead of the standard 4x6, which gave Necrons and their mid-range shooting expertise the advantage. How much of an advantage? Find out more after the break.

December 5, 2011

Battle Report: Necrons Team Game

The Moral Of This Tale; Watch Your...Well, You Get It.

It's no secret that when playing against a Deep Striking army, more specifically Drop Pod armies, you should always be prepared to take a shot or seventeen up the rear. However, I feel like this isn't taken as seriously as it should at times. Everyone at our table took Deep Striking possibilities seriously, of course; we're just cool like that, but the overall thought process that goes into Deep Striking is typically incorrect from what I've gathered over the years. It's not about denying your opponent the chance to Deep Strike, it's about denying them the confidence to do so. Placement down the board is just as important as placement of units up the board when it comes to fighting against a Deep Strike army. You'll see what I mean in the pages to come.