January 23, 2012

Conversion: Magnetizing An Ark


So it's been a while since I've actually posted some content anywhere aside from SCW. A lot of this has to do with my drinking habits, promiscuity and, in the last couple of weeks, a video game involving lightsabers and lightning shooting out of fingertips. If I was truly being honest with myself here, it's all about habit. The holidays stopped my constant writing habits whether I liked it or not, and after about 3 weeks of not writing much I continued the habit of...not writing that much. I'm a creature of habit constantly at war with myself to break habits such as laziness and cheese-product. So, here I sit, Silversun Pickups blaring, lights off, cigarette in hand and fully focused on the connecting fingers to keys in a coherent succession. Today I bring you something I completed over a month ago; my magnetized Ghost Ark (and how I gave up on the whole idea.) More after the break.

January 18, 2012

No TLA Today

If you've been living under a rock for the last year you may not of heard of SOPA and related intentions by the government to decide what can and what cannot be available to the world wide web. With clever names like "The Fight Against Online Piracy" and "Internet Equality" the gov't has managed to confuse the masses into thinking these are well-intentioned documents for our own good; not so much. Please do the research and find out what it's all about and make an informed decision yourself, though I feel it's quite obvious. Other organizations seem to feel the same including Google and Wikipedia who are staging blackouts today along with countless other websites, blogs, forums, etc. Here at TLA we take our freedom to post whatever we like whenever we like and do so responsibly...kind of. In any case, starting at 9am CST TLA will be blacking out for a 24 hour period today into tomorrow. If you're wanting to voice your opinion on the matter I suggest you head over to Google.com and clicking on their logo.

To the future.

January 16, 2012

Rules: Necron FAQ Is Out

Well it's about damn time, right? Lantz here and I'm very pleased to announce that Necrons finally have their FAQ. And unlike the GK fiasco of 2011, almost every question was answered. A lot of cleanup happened and even a few shocking developments. So, enough with this intro, let's just get on with it already! After the break I've listed key items from the FAQ and left out a lot of the obvious and 'who cares?' stuff. We'll go in sections on this with The Good, The Bad, The Meh and The Unanswered with my commentary in a fitting Green.

January 9, 2012

Shout Out: Best Blogs Of 2011
(The Apologetic Part 2)

This post is basically going to be an addition/what should have been included in the last post. You see, I work...a lot. And at really weird hours. At the time I wrote my last post it was around 5am on two hours of sleep and over the weekend, one by one I realized how many blogs I wanted to include, yet hadn't remembered in my sleep-deprived state. I was originally going to leave things, chalk it all up to a mistake and move on. Unfortunately I don't handle guilt well and the more I think about it the worse I feel. More after the break.

January 6, 2012

Shout Out: Best Blogs Of 2011

Lantz here. As we enter the first week of 2012, I want to take a moment to look back at the best blogs of 2011 according to yours truly. There are so many amazing writers and hobbyists out there, it's hard to nail it down. For this article I'll be using categories and selecting the best of the best out of my selections. Just like the Grammys, this will be two or more hours long and will consist of pop artists ruining classics like "Sweet Child of Mine". So strap in and enjoy the show.