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October 23, 2014

Cephalyx and DnD Progress

Just a quick update this time around. I've got some finished products for both my new Cephalyx army I've started and a couple of new figs I picked up for DnD. For Cephalyx I've got the Subduer completed with a Secret Weapon Miniatures base and for DnD I've finished my (tanky) wizard and his familiar. Photos after the jump.

October 13, 2014

I'm Back!

It's been quite a while since I've posted on here, but I'm happy to announce I will be moving back to this blog over the coming days. How often I post is another story, but I find myself wanting my old blogging home back. So, with my return, I've posted some of the more major backposts from over at STC in the posts before this one. In addition, this post will include everything I've been up to during my absence (I haven't been blogging much in general, hopefully this will help me play catch-up.)

Secret Weapon Markers and Hairspray Rust Technique

(Originally posted on 6/30/14) A quick post today. At Adepticon this year I picked up some of Secret Weapon's objective markers while in the same day taking a weathering class from Privateer Press' own Matt DiPietro. In the weathering class I decided these markers would be my first venture into the hairspray technique for rusting.

A Zombie Wedding

(Originally posted on 6/16/14) I have a large pool of fantastic friends around this area, though with awesome friends comes a certain level of unconventionality. Or just plain weird. No shame in it, I'm a pretty weird dude. I've seen, heard and done many weird things in my life; not much surprises me. Until last month when some friends of mine that are getting hitched soon wanted me to do the cake topper for their wedding... A zombie cake topper. Who the hell ever gets asked to do that? No one, that's who. So below is a brief explanation of the process I used to turn an odd cake topper into the stuff of nightmares.