January 10, 2016

Shout Out: HopeRiver's Valley

"There will always be someone better." I think Kermit the frog said that or something, I don't know. My point is there are a lot of people in this hobby that put my simple skills to shame. Well, I'm here to make a shout out to someone who puts all of those shame-destiny-creators to shame. What I'm trying to say is, "Suck it people that are better than me; there's someone better than you! Ha HA!" But, you know, in a more polite way than that. If you haven't seen Nadya's Eldar (or her work in general), I suggest you head on over to HopeRiver's Valley to check them out. Unless you paint Eldar, like myself; you'll feel like a toddler with finger-paints in comparison.

January 6, 2016

Werewolves Complete
(I'm Lycan 2016 So Far)

2016 begins! While I'm still not used to writing the correct year on checks and...anything else outdated that requires the year written by hand, I'm still in the swing of the hobby. Not to be slowed, I finished the three werewolves for my Army of the Undead. The eyes didn't turnout exactly how I expected (still working on my dayglow pigment skills), but for some quick work, I think the models as a whole turned out just fine. More pics after the jump.

December 31, 2015

Look What I Did: 2015

This year was a damn good one for me hobby-wise. I painted, I built, I played, I read, I got good news and I surprisingly stayed consistent on this blog and at the hobby table. 2015 was a good one, so join me as I run through the ups and downs of the hobby for me this year and as you prep to get sloshed tonight, won't you? After the jump, a recap of 2015 here at TLA!

December 30, 2015

Vaneth Jornis Complete
(2015 As Well, For Real This Time)

Okay, one more done for 2015. With my group starting a new DnD campaign, it was time to make a new character, and with it, a new miniature. I've had this one from GW's fantasy line for quite a while, hoping I'd be playing a rogue again in the future. Well, that day has come! I kept to darker colors (clearly), using blacks, greys, dark purples and dark-bronze highlighting to the armor, though it's hard to tell in these pics. I kept his face/eyes, daggers and even the highlights on the poison tips of the blades bright to keep the focus on them. Lastly, this was the first model in quite a while where I didn't use static grass for the basing! More pics after the jump.