May 19, 2016

Vampires Complete
(These Sucked)

Every now and then, there's a project that you love. You can't wait to get home from work and just start back in on it. It keeps you awake at night, the memories of joy and the pain of not being able to spend every waking moment at the hobby table. For me, this was the opposite of one of those projects. I hated painting these (mostly the horses), and though they turned out great, it's hard to tell since I didn't even care to take pictures that showed them off. These were merely models I had started and needed to finish to get to my next project (something I'm ecstatic for!) Pics after the jump, I guess.

May 8, 2016

Uncanny Against Darkness
(Back To The Rules-Writing)

Ever played Four Against Darkness? Well, you should. It's Ganesha Games' newest game; a standalone, simple, yet engrossing RPG that only requires you and one d6. The best part? The entire rulebook is only $8 and their first expansion is only $2 (you can check out their products HERE). This game comes from the same company that brought us all SoBaH (another one of my favorites). Anyway, after I finished my first dungeon I was hooked and decided to expand the game out a bit with some new classes that I've enjoyed from other RPGs.

You can download a copy HERE, but you'll of course need the Four Against Darkness rules first. I will keep this link updated with the latest version as I continue to refine and playtest it.

Uncanny Against Darkness is a fan-made expansion to the official game Four Against Darkness. It was made without the permission of...well, anyone. This is a no-profit, made with love for the game PDF and is only meant to promote Four Against Darkness further. Happy gaming!

April 18, 2016

Mycolo Solis Complete
(Mixing Magic And Mushrooms)

A side-effect of finishing 43 models in less than a month is getting burned out on painting. So after a three-month hiatus, I'm back with a model I can't get enough of. A new druid character in DnD I made demanded this model, and luckily I got it when I did as it looks to be sold out of its limited run as of this posting. I'm delighted with how this turned out and the OSL attempts (one of my first) turned out better than I thought it would, though it's hard to make out in most of these photos. More pics after the jump.