May 31, 2016

Awakened Tree Complete
(I Am Broot!)

Any DnD druid that lives long enough to see level 8 wants their very own Awakened Tree, my druid being no exception; having already picked out the name Broot for his future buddy. So, in preparation of hitting level 8 soon (I hope), I got this "miniature" off of Mierce Miniatures. I put quotations around that word because this thing is pretty damn big. Like, throw it at somebody and cause a concussion big. And maybe it was the size of this canvas, maybe it was feeling like I had more freedom with all of the randomly placed foliage or maybe it was simply that I wasn't painting those dumb vampires, but this project was a lot of fun. More pics after the jump.

Until next time.

When you don't have a cork big enough, make one.


  1. Heyyyyyyyyyy!

    Long time no see man, this is freaking great, I just saw it over on Faeit212 and recognised your blog name again.

    Great stuff Lantz!


    1. Hey hey! No joke, good to see you again. And thanks! I really liked making this guy