March 30, 2011

Rumors: Necrons Looking Solidified

Never, that I can remember, have I ever received information from another source and had my immediate response to it be, "Golly-gee wilickers, I have to get home right now and blog about this!" Today is the day that cherry has been popped, and I feel like a dirty dirty hipster. Anyway, about an hour ago I was patrolling my FLGS for another Enginseer, ending up disappointed and purchasing a Leman Russ to make myself feel pretty. After exchanging money with the store owner, we'll call him Bill, we began to break into a discussion about Grey Knights. I mentioned that I was debating starting them as my third army, but decided against it since Necrons are rumored to be out soon. I also mentioned my skepticism about Tau, Eldar or Sisters coming out before my guys in green to which he replied with a slow and steady head-shake that brought on an onslaught of information that hadn't grazed my ears...

March 29, 2011

AdMech FanDex v5.022811.L FAQ Is Up!

Just a quick post this evening. The newest FAQ is now up for the fandex. Just some minor tweaks you playtesters and I have found in the newest version. The link to the right should now be updated as well. Enjoy:

Page 50 - Cult Servitors Options:
The final option should read; "Each Cult Servitor unit may be led by an Enginseer, he is allowed up to 100 points of equipment from the Armory and Tech-Relics.............+35 pts"

Shout Out: Commissar Dave Praetorians IV Coy

The blogs that I follow often follow a similar theme. It's not hard to guess what it is; conversions. The hands on work. I couldn't care less (unless extreme anger and fueled hatred count as caring) for painting. And rules talk is a fickle thing for me, typically depending on my mood. Rumors are spotty as well. I'm a man of numbers and "supposed-facts" aren't always my cup of tea. However, conversions are the meat of the hobby for me. It's why I wake up to the fresh smell of plasticard and green stuff in the morning. I'm always on the lookout for conversion artists out there, and blogger is by far the best way to go about it. Even more important to me than conversion work are conversion tutorials; showing the steps you took to accomplish your goal. The spread of knowledge and all of that jazz. Well today, I'd like to give a special shout out to an up and coming blogger. With currently 15 posts and 20 followers, I can't wait to see this blog grow. More after the break.

March 28, 2011

Rumors: New Necron Bubbles

Taking Shape Of This Eldar Fellow's Face Mayhaps

Welcome back to The Magnet Pro! Taking a step back from all of this conversion work I've been doing lately, I decided to read up on what the latest rumor mill had churning for my boys in green. What a day to check! I ended up finding a neato thread over at Warseer about a large amount of supposedly factual Necron rumors. Is this poster a dirty liar? A prophet? A nerdy guy with permanent Cheeto stains under his fingernails? You'll get my opinion and more coming up after the break.

March 25, 2011

Conversion: Gant and Praetorians

No shortage of things to talk about this week; two posts in one day is madness 'round these parts. Reading my previous post, you should get an idea of what I think of the models I've purchased, so I won't go into any more of that nonsense. This post is what I've done to turn the Stalker Tank into a Gant and HTTP-01s into Praetorians. The conversions were far from difficult, not needing very many modifications since, in my humble opinion, Micro Art Studios had the Adeptus Mechanicus in mind when creating this group. Anywho, it's been a long while since I've ran through a conversion, with the fandex keeping most of my attention for the last year, but I'm back into the modeling game again. Surprise, suspense, breasts and maybe a magnet or two after the break.

Review: Micro Art Studios

Hello again. As I'm sure you all know from my previous post, I had purchased a slew of models from Micro Art Studios last week for my first stab at my Adeptus Mechanicus models. Shortly after gleefully ripping the mailbox from its hinges and prancing up the driveway to have my way with these miniatures I went to work and had quite an experience along the way. More after the break.

March 19, 2011

Something Epic Is Coming

First I'd like to note that putting the word "suspenseful" into an image search engine results in some pretty nonsensical results. The above image was one of maybe five that actually made sense among the pictures of Judge Judy and children with awkward facial expressions.

Moving along; my tabletop friend Mr. Lemon is quite the creator. While I enjoy the creation of new codices, he enjoys the creation of campaigns and overall rules that create a "world" to play in. Having a history in DMing for DnD is probably where this all stems from. Thankfully, a long while ago he decided to join our gaming group in the universe of 40k and down the road began to manipulate and bend the rules of the game to his will. We've played numerous campaigns that he has created or modified and all have been well constructed and very entertaining. More after the break.

March 18, 2011

Rumors: Necrons Delayed?

She's So Damn Attractive When She's Not Coked Out

The rumor train is always a-chuggin' on tabletop forums. Forever pressing forward fueled by the smiles and tears of those who buy a ticket aboard. Today is one of those days that the rumor train's engine is lashing heat and flame from an overabundance of my leaking face. While I'm not much of a forum guy, I did happen across this post by stinger989; the same dweller that brought some factual GK rumors a few months back. So while he has a history of not being a dirty dirty liar, I'm trying my damnedest to picture this guy in a Snidely Whiplash getup. For those of you without access to Warseer from work or school (like myself,) here's the short of what the rumor is for Necrons. There was a printing problem with the Necron codex, so it is being pushed back and Tau is taking it's slot in Q4 of 2011. Again, I'm really hoping this isn't true. The Necrons have gone without a new dex for years, and at this point they're the oldest dex out there for 5th Edition. You disgusting Tau lovers can feel free to tell me the 4th Edition dex was more of a band-aid than a real codex; to that I will retort with a well constructed "You're still somewhat-competitive and shut up, stupid-head."

So what do you all think? Any other 'cron lovers just have their heart ache a smidgen?

March 14, 2011

New FanDex On The Horizon

I'll make something perfectly clear at the beginning of this post before I get an inbox full of crudely constructed paragraphs questioning my being well endowed; the AdMech FanDex is not going on the shelf. I love my dex so far, but it's far from completion and out of every tabletop project I have going, it's the one that gets the most attention. The shear amount of money I just spent on models is more than enough to keep me involved in the dex, with or without my fanboy craving for them. With that said, I am a fan of writing and most of all editing. There are few things I'm good at in this world, editing is one of them. The day I find an editing job is the day I'll truly be happy. I'm getting off track here, my point is with the AdMech FanDex needing less and less work done to it, I find myself a little more than bored in the off hours of my day. I'll be quite busy once my lot of AdMech models come in, but until then I've needed a writing-refuge. More after the break.

March 12, 2011

Adeptus Mechanicus Models Purchased!

It's been a long time since I've purchased anything tabletop worthy for 40k. This is in part to the fact that the only official 40k army I have these days is Necrons, and with a 5th Edition codex rumored to be coming out later this year, it's hard to justify making purchases for them when smexy new plastic kits are oft coupled with a new dex. The other and more dominating reason I've gone without tabletop purchases is the AdMech FanDex. Seriously, if you ever want to spend zero dollars and still be involved in tabletop; write a fandex. It takes months or even years and the amount of time and energy it takes to create one will leave you without any thought of modeling. With the FanDex cleaning up nicely as of late, I found it's that time in the process to start completing the picture for myself. IE; create the models I've created rules for, and that's exactly what I've done this morning. Having a lot saved up for this day, I'm excited to present my ideal models for the dex. More after the break.

March 6, 2011

AdMech FanDex:
Base Sizes

As you all know, the new version of the AdMech is out. And if you didn't know that then you may want to come out of the living area known as a rock and click on the following link and download the thing! With the new version out I am ecstatic to report you all love it. Oddly, I have yet to hear anything bad about the new version, as bittersweet as that may be (if I don't hear bad news, I don't have much to work on.) There has been mention of some confusion on what the base sizes of models should be for gameplay purposes. While descriptions in my fandex are very broad so as to not restrict what people wish to make their models as, I do agree there is a need for some guidelines on the base sizes of the models in order for gameplay to work correctly. More after the jump.