March 30, 2011

Rumors: Necrons Looking Solidified

Never, that I can remember, have I ever received information from another source and had my immediate response to it be, "Golly-gee wilickers, I have to get home right now and blog about this!" Today is the day that cherry has been popped, and I feel like a dirty dirty hipster. Anyway, about an hour ago I was patrolling my FLGS for another Enginseer, ending up disappointed and purchasing a Leman Russ to make myself feel pretty. After exchanging money with the store owner, we'll call him Bill, we began to break into a discussion about Grey Knights. I mentioned that I was debating starting them as my third army, but decided against it since Necrons are rumored to be out soon. I also mentioned my skepticism about Tau, Eldar or Sisters coming out before my guys in green to which he replied with a slow and steady head-shake that brought on an onslaught of information that hadn't grazed my ears...

Now Bill is the store owner of my FLGS, and while he enjoys every manner of gaming you could come up with, he's a pretty serious guy. Friendly, but always about the facts. He's not one to discuss rumors and on the rare occasion he does, he doesn't let information go unless he's certain of it. You need to understand all of this to understand my current excitement.

After mentioning that I'd heard rumor of Necrons being delayed, he gave me the disapproving head-shake mentioned above and delved into the inner-workings of GW. Now, you all may have known how GW functions to begin with, but this is new news to me and I assume new news to someone reading this, so I'll spell it out here just in case. Apparently GW has three teams working on one project each, typically a codex for WHF or WH40k at any given time. At certain points the powers-that-be will take a step back, look at what project is furthest along, and then poor all three teams into the single project to see its speedy completion. This is apparently how they've worked for years.

With this setup, he informed me that the Necrons are internally confirmed as being the next codex, as all teams have been poured into them already. He went on to say that Sisters of Battle were coming along, but had become slightly delayed due to the models being redesigned for more detail. The way GW sees it, Sister models were a big money maker thanks to the amount of detail they had put into the models, and want to see this kind of profit again.

He went on to note that Tomb Kings were solidified for May and that between June and July we should see Necrons back in business for 5th Edition. I inquired as to what his source was. He was hesitant at the beginning of our conversation, but later revealed that he has a friend in the UK who's friends with someone working at GW. While his friend isn't the nerdiest of people out there, he does gather some tidbits for Bill here and there.

Last Known Picture Of Lantz: 57 1/2 Minutes Ago

As I mentioned before, Bill is not one to give information that isn't 100%. He's not the type to believe what he hears unless it's from a reliable source. To this, I'm thankful. I have full faith in this information and can't wait to see the Necrons come June/July.

Also, who knew I'd be someone writing a new rumor? I feel special.

Until next time!


  1. Yay!

    Plus, kind of makes sense to have them come out in the next slot after Tomb Kings.

    Umm, makes sense to me, anyway.

  2. That's one thing he brought up I forgot to mention. The Necrons were coming after Tomb Kings in addition to follow the undead/skeleton theme, or something along those lines.

  3. Being an avid Tomb Kings fan I am excited by the upcoming Tomb Kings release. Luckily, I don't have much money invested in my Tomb Kings army so if everything is radically redesigned I won't be hurting too much. Oh, wait. We were talking about Necrons. Oh well, Egyptian themed skeletons are all good in my book.

  4. Until they're rockin' you on the battlefield!
    I need to win against you one of these days!

  5. I'll have to share this with my necron playing friend. It's also very interesting to hear a little bit about how GW operates. Thank you for sharing.

  6. No problem, Chaos. Hopefully your friend will be as excited for this news as I am!

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  8. The Necron playing friend approves. I look forward to harvesting everyone soon on a battlefield near you.

  9. I have never known "Bill" to be wrong about the gaming news he digs up. You should ask him about his thoughts on the way they are doing army books nowadays. Very interesting stuffs.

    @IceStation Lemon, Bah, I am not excited about your excitement. I foresee more statue men stomping my Vampires into the dirt with reckless abandon. I am excited to see the new sculpts though.