March 18, 2011

Rumors: Necrons Delayed?

She's So Damn Attractive When She's Not Coked Out

The rumor train is always a-chuggin' on tabletop forums. Forever pressing forward fueled by the smiles and tears of those who buy a ticket aboard. Today is one of those days that the rumor train's engine is lashing heat and flame from an overabundance of my leaking face. While I'm not much of a forum guy, I did happen across this post by stinger989; the same dweller that brought some factual GK rumors a few months back. So while he has a history of not being a dirty dirty liar, I'm trying my damnedest to picture this guy in a Snidely Whiplash getup. For those of you without access to Warseer from work or school (like myself,) here's the short of what the rumor is for Necrons. There was a printing problem with the Necron codex, so it is being pushed back and Tau is taking it's slot in Q4 of 2011. Again, I'm really hoping this isn't true. The Necrons have gone without a new dex for years, and at this point they're the oldest dex out there for 5th Edition. You disgusting Tau lovers can feel free to tell me the 4th Edition dex was more of a band-aid than a real codex; to that I will retort with a well constructed "You're still somewhat-competitive and shut up, stupid-head."

So what do you all think? Any other 'cron lovers just have their heart ache a smidgen?


  1. Maybe it's just my skeptical nature but I'm having a really hard time believing this one. They are predicting printing problems 8 months before the codex is due to release? And on top of that, they have the Tau codex done and ready to go? Is there something special about the Tau codex that makes it easier to print than the Necron codex? I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around the logic of that whole situation. Later on in the thread, the same poster says that GW has the next 5 codecii pretty much ready to go, which make my skepticism meter spike even more.

    Some of that stuff is feasible (read: extremely obvious) and could be predicted by anyone. For example: "Kroot are still in as well as the firewarriors." Really? You mean that they won't be removing two of the core units from the codex? That's incredible news!
    *Note: the preceding paragraph contains sarcasm.

    Will the news turn out to be accurate? Maybe, but I highly doubt it. I wouldn't start panicking just yet.

  2. I too question why Necrons wouldn't be able to print but Tau would.

    Is there an actual Necrodermis sample on one of the pages or something?

  3. Well my crons have seen the sun twice since last may, and one of those times was to take a picture. You tell me.

  4. You all bring up a good point. I guess I was so shell-shocked by this rumor that I hadn't taken the time to think about it. And a printing issue would occur during printing, and if the codex is set for Q3/4 of 2011 they shouldn't be printing anything for another few months. I'm more confidently calling BS on this.

    I'm in the same boat.. I can't remember the last time I played my 'crons. I miss them so very much.

  5. I hear the new Necron codex devours the soul of anyone who gets a paper cut from it. GW is having a hard time finding a printer that is insured against soul devouring to print the new codex.

    The Tau codex, on the other hand, is known to organize the workers and optimize the presses for the greater good of its release.

  6. LOL! Fantastic.

    Damn soul-devouring text...