March 19, 2011

Something Epic Is Coming

First I'd like to note that putting the word "suspenseful" into an image search engine results in some pretty nonsensical results. The above image was one of maybe five that actually made sense among the pictures of Judge Judy and children with awkward facial expressions.

Moving along; my tabletop friend Mr. Lemon is quite the creator. While I enjoy the creation of new codices, he enjoys the creation of campaigns and overall rules that create a "world" to play in. Having a history in DMing for DnD is probably where this all stems from. Thankfully, a long while ago he decided to join our gaming group in the universe of 40k and down the road began to manipulate and bend the rules of the game to his will. We've played numerous campaigns that he has created or modified and all have been well constructed and very entertaining. More after the break.

Knowing the history of Mr. Lemon's work, I was ecstatic to find an email of a teaser for a new 40k campaign he's working on. I literally have no more information on this project than the following image he created with the help of Raiizn over at deviantART. So I present to you the first peek at what will definitely be a good time in the 40k world.

(click to zoom)

I have to admit, I'm pleased to see the AdMech involved in some manner. Once I've played the campaign myself or know more info I'll fill you all in on the rules so you can play this at home.

Later days.

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