August 29, 2011

Conversion: Phantous

My Apologies Once Again. Those Outside The United States May Not Understand This Reference. In Fact, I Hope No One Does...

Welcome back. This post is going to be quite long with a lot of pictures for those of you who like the whole visualizing thing this blog has going. The Phantous has been in question by a small few of you playtesters as to what it should look like. How big is it? What does the weapon look like? Will it make my pilot look fat? Unfortunately for all of us it took Chapterhouse Studios longer than expected to push out their Wheeled-Chimera kit. Once that was finally available to the public it was time to get to work. And a lot of work is what this thing took. More after the break:

August 25, 2011

Conversion: Machine Cultists

Great Dedication To The Machine Spirits Of Our Day.
Unfortunately, You've Chosen A Douchey-Hipster Overpriced Machine Spirit That Thinks It's Better Than You.

Hello, welcome and my apologize from any involuntary puking that may have been a result of the picture above. The conversion train is a rollin', still, and this week I've got those rambunctious little duders that worship and preach the Omnissiah's name; Machine Cultists. If there's any model in the fandex that took far too long to find exactly what I had in mind, it's these guys. After a couple of months of searching for a set of models that captured just what I wanted for this unit, I finally came across the Menoth Choir set from Privateer Press' Warmachine and fell in love. These guys have just enough sci-fi going on, while also remaining very old-school that they were perfect for my Machine Cultists. Below is the conversion from Menoth to AdMech.

August 22, 2011

Conversion: Leman Russ Rapier

Holy crap it's been a long while since I've posted any work. That's mostly because I, well, haven't done any work. Also, for the few that managed to keep up, our URL has finally been changed. The downside? The transition didn't work as I'd hoped and I'm constantly getting emails asking where the hell we went. Traffic took a massive decline from ~1000 views a week to ~100 a week. So if you're one of the few that's managed to find us, again, spread the word about our URL change; we're not dead. Moving along, today our weekly game of 40k got canceled due to Eric feeling under the weather, so I actually managed to get some model-work done. This time around it was finally time to finish up all of the Leman Russ variants the fandex has to offer ending with the Rapier. So without further adieu:

August 16, 2011

Alert: URL Change Complete!

The time has finally come. Now our URL makes sense and the OCD within my cranium will allow me to sleep at night. Seriously, it's been months since I've gotten a good night of rest because of this whole URL thing. That's either affected my posts in a good or bad way; we'll soon find out. Our change from the old to the new is now officially complete.

Tell your friends!

August 11, 2011

Alert: URL Change

After many months of transition between The Magnet Pro, The Midnight Shift and Twin-Linked Awesome, the day has finally come to make our final merge together. Soon that URL you see at the top of your browser (or at the bottom, you fuckin' weirdos,) will be changed to in the final step of Eric and I's merger. All of our previous articles will still be here, but will officially be under the Twin Linked Awesome name. What do our followers need to do? Absolutely nothing. Unless you're using some in-a-dark-corner RSS feed because it's "hip" and "cool" that doesn't shift URL tracking for you, followers shouldn't need to take any action on their part.

I'll be making an announcement when this work is complete.