August 25, 2011

Conversion: Machine Cultists

Great Dedication To The Machine Spirits Of Our Day.
Unfortunately, You've Chosen A Douchey-Hipster Overpriced Machine Spirit That Thinks It's Better Than You.

Hello, welcome and my apologize from any involuntary puking that may have been a result of the picture above. The conversion train is a rollin', still, and this week I've got those rambunctious little duders that worship and preach the Omnissiah's name; Machine Cultists. If there's any model in the fandex that took far too long to find exactly what I had in mind, it's these guys. After a couple of months of searching for a set of models that captured just what I wanted for this unit, I finally came across the Menoth Choir set from Privateer Press' Warmachine and fell in love. These guys have just enough sci-fi going on, while also remaining very old-school that they were perfect for my Machine Cultists. Below is the conversion from Menoth to AdMech.

First, weapons. Menoth Choir has no guns of any sort and this needed to change. Starting with the Machine Cult Preacher, I wanted him to have one of those snazzy combi-weapons from the Armory. So I pulled out one of the Combi Weapons from Chapterhouse I had. Removed the nozzel of the bolter and replaced it with a plasticard lasgun stand-in:

Next, to apply it to his hand which is in the perfect pose I needed to remove the grip:

And voila:

Next, the heavy-weapons team. Since this unit is essentially a really cheap way of getting a Lascannon out on the field, I went to work with an IG heavy weapons team turret:

Finally, the finishing touches. After getting a kit of lasguns on eBay I equipped them to the hips of these fellows. I thought about removing their staves and putting the lasguns in-place, but those things are too damn pretty. And honestly, with a BS of 2, shooting's not really their forte. To keep the staves in I needed to get some AdMech symbols up on them. Luckily any excess resin I had from casting other stuff went to AdMech symbols I casted off of a Techmarine shoulderpad:

Some shaving/cleaning and gluing in place:
So Pretty...

More conversions on the horizon! Stay tuned.


  1. I know this is an older post, but the comment on the first picture made me weep tears of joy. Bravo, good sir!

  2. Ha, I'm glad I could help?