August 31, 2015

Troupe Master & Player Complete
(Proper Pics)

Finally moved into my new place and have the hobby room set up. I have a lot more room now, so the lightbox is out and ready to go at all times! So my last progress post just had a quick pic of the two Harlequins I had finished, so for this post I'm pushing some proper pics of the two out to the world. More pictures after the jump.

August 30, 2015

The Masque of Vyle
by Andy Chambers
(A Book Review)

Note: This Is A Minor-Spoiler Review

I often like to read novels/information about what I'm painting for a couple of reasons. First it opens the doors to ideas in the painting/conversion process that you previously didn't even know were there. Secondly it keeps me more vested in the project during the tedious lows of every project (as there often are). A certain level of excitement to move forward with a project comes along with some of the 40K novels out there and this book is one of them, despite some disappointment that came along with it. More after the jump.