August 31, 2015

Troupe Master & Player Complete
(Proper Pics)

Finally moved into my new place and have the hobby room set up. I have a lot more room now, so the lightbox is out and ready to go at all times! So my last progress post just had a quick pic of the two Harlequins I had finished, so for this post I'm pushing some proper pics of the two out to the world. More pictures after the jump.

So the following is the Troupe Master w/ the Cegorach's Rose and a Harlequin troupe Player, both of which were fun to paint once the diamond patterns were complete. Specifically the Troupe Master's sword (Cegorach's Rose) where I used a needlessly complex technique to pull off. Hopefully it looks a little cosmic-like in its appearance.

Troupe Master


Until next time.

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