March 29, 2011

AdMech FanDex v5.022811.L FAQ Is Up!

Just a quick post this evening. The newest FAQ is now up for the fandex. Just some minor tweaks you playtesters and I have found in the newest version. The link to the right should now be updated as well. Enjoy:

Page 50 - Cult Servitors Options:
The final option should read; "Each Cult Servitor unit may be led by an Enginseer, he is allowed up to 100 points of equipment from the Armory and Tech-Relics.............+35 pts"

Page 26 - Divexo Beacon Immobile Special Rule:
The final sentence should be changed to; "Divexo Beacons are deployed in the same manner as a moving vehicle (tank), but may not move after being deployed."

Page 58 - Weapon profiles:
Exigo Hellgun range changed to 18".

Page 47 - Disciples addition:
"Dedicated Transport:
May select a Gant"

Page 1 - A Race Apart Special Rule:
Additional sentence at the end of the entry; "Always resolve glancing rolls against CVs before penetrating rolls."

Page 21 - Cantharis Aerial Deployment Special Rule:
This rule has been changed to the following; "When disembarking units from the Cantharis the unit must disembark within 2” of the Cantharis or its base. However, if the unit disembarks within the first 2 game turns this is changed to 6”. Units can always disembark after the Cantharis has moved flat out, but will not be able to assault in the same turn if they do so."

Page 40 - Conversion Field:
The cover save for this wargear has been changed from 4+ to 5+.

Page 24 - Leman Russ Burrower description addition:
After the entry, "Also note that the Tunnel Torpedo can never be removed via a Weapon Destroyed result on the Damage Table." add the sentence, "If the Leman Russ Burrower is Immobilized and has no other weapons left other than the Tunnel Torpedo; additional Immobilized or Weapon Destroyed results will be upgraded to a Wrecked result."

Pages 10 & 50 - Cult Servitor Special Rules:
Add the Special Rule Slow and Purposeful.

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