January 16, 2012

Rules: Necron FAQ Is Out

Well it's about damn time, right? Lantz here and I'm very pleased to announce that Necrons finally have their FAQ. And unlike the GK fiasco of 2011, almost every question was answered. A lot of cleanup happened and even a few shocking developments. So, enough with this intro, let's just get on with it already! After the break I've listed key items from the FAQ and left out a lot of the obvious and 'who cares?' stuff. We'll go in sections on this with The Good, The Bad, The Meh and The Unanswered with my commentary in a fitting Green.

The Good
All of the terrain shenaniganz do work together (C'tan, Tremor Staves, Orikan the Diviner.)
This one is major and makes my list involving all three that much more powerful than it was when I used it last.

Entropic Strike (armour reductions) do happen before rolling to Glance/Pen.
This one was up for major debate, but no longer. No Scarab nerfing here, folks! Roll to hit, roll to reduce armour and finally roll to glance/penetrate.

You can take 2 Lords/Crypteks in the same unit if you have 2 Royal Courts.
Over and over I read/heard people that assured me this would never see the light of day. For you nay-sayers I say neener-neener, I told you so. Not my proudest moment, but I stand by it.

Chronometron can be used to re-roll Imotekh's Night Fight continuation.
I never used this as I was sure it wasn't legal. That'll teach me to assume something would get nerfed. Rejoice Imotekh lovers; he just got stupid-good.

C'tans don't need to make a difficult terrain test when assaulting.
While I was sure this is how it would come about, the difference in wording between the C'tan and the Wraiths was enough to make me question it. Glad to see it's streamlined.

Spyders can add Scarabs to a unit that is locked in combat.
I think we all assumed this was the case. It's good to have it clarified.

Overlords can Sweep Attack one unit and then assault another in the same turn.
Again, it seems like everyone was playing this way to begin with, but it's good to have it in writing.
Gauss Flayer Arrays have a 45 degree arc.
Also assumed by everyone and their mother.

Mindshackle can be used on a single model causing him/her to attack his/herself.
This actually came up in a game I played and I assumed the model would just not attack that turn. For 15pts this ability was already a steal. Now it's even better.

The Bad
Lance weapons do reduce Quantum Shielding to 12 AV.
This was one of those RAW vs RAI debates I saw all over the net. It's a good thing we can at least put the debate to rest.

Initiative bonus' in close combat are resolved after Whip Coils is put into affect. Example being; charging at Wraiths with Furious Charge means you go at Initiative 2 against Whip Coils.
This is not the way I would have thought things would happen, but it's not terrible. Furious Charge just means they'll go at the same time as the Wraiths. Now, Grey Knights on the other hand can boost their Initiative by 2, so they'll go before the Wraiths. We're all used to cries of GK overpoweredness anyway, though.

Sweep Attacks are neither shooting nor melee attacks and thus do no benefit from Furious Charge.
This one definitely needed clarification, and didn't go the way I thought it would. Sadly, Anrakyr won't be getting S8 hits on those vehicles he skirts over.
The Meh
Entropic Strikes on a vehicle squadron are spread out evenly across the squadron. The squadron's controlling player decides where the excess goes, though.
This came up in a game Eric and I played last week and was very confusing. This was some much-needed clarification.

Tesla arcing also originates from the shooter, not from the unit it's arcing from.
This can be good or bad depending on the situation. Meh.

No more Warrior/Scarab conga-line dances.
Obvious. Moving on.

Tesla arcing only happens if you manage to hit the original target and is only measured for arcing after wounds/saves are resolved.
This is borderline crappy. With the Destructor you shouldn't be missing completely with four Twin-Linked shots at BS4. The downside is that you resolve all of the damage and then measure for the arcing, so your opponent and reduce the range for some trickery.

Mind of the Machine can't be used to fire a weapon from the vehicle, to itself.
Duh. But thanks for putting it in writing, GW.

The Unanswered
If a Cryptek in a Troop choice is the only remaining model, is he scoring?
This seriously needs clarification for those tourney players out there.

When using a Chronometron to re-roll Imotekh's storm, what phase does it count as?
Movement Phase? Assault Phase? Shooting Phase? Which is it? If you re-roll the storm, and then want to re-roll your Difficult Terrain movement, can you?

That's all for now folks. Overall, Necrons got a boost as a few things I never thought would see the light of day, have. Celebrate my robot-zombie brethren; we're still powerful. As for the other armies out there, it looks like almost all of them also got a few FAQ updates, so go check 'em out here.

Later days.


  1. Thanks for a great explanation. I'm only passingly familiar with Necrons (Oh NOES, the horror!) but this will definitely help me understand them more fully.

  2. I'm surprised there was nothing clarifying the Empathic Obliterator to be an item of wargear and not a weapon, to be honest. And my gut says a lone Cryptek goes back to being a not-HQ. Still, I'm very satisfied with how this FAQ has gone.

  3. Glad I could help, Lo.

    And I'm pretty pleased with the FAQ as well, Bryss. I can see arguments both ways for the Cryptek and I'm not even sure how to play it (though it hasn't come up in any of my games, yet.)

    What's this about Empathic Obliterator?

  4. I have to admit, this made me sad. We can all agree that necrons are overpowered right now. No surprise there, its the new codex on the block. I have no problem with that, I'm well aware that I can cheese together a pretty stupid GK list if i want to. But I do have a problem with the worldscape rule. That means that a necrons opponent has the choice at the beginning of the game to either not move or lose 1/6th of his army(immobile for vehicles). That's just nuts. Not to mention, with my ability to roll 1s, my knights will probably not make it out of turn one...

  5. I read through the Ork updates, got a few mehs but also a few nice clarifications, as well as clarifications on things I already knew and played as.

  6. BTW I am promoting your blog on reddit. I hope you dont mind.

  7. @PsyfleSterling
    I agree, I was surprised by a lot of rulings in favor of Necrons, especially the terrain business.

    The other codex FAQ updates were kind of bland, but some good clarifications all around.

    Feel free to promote us anywhere you like, thanks!

  8. - what about to re-roll Imotekh's initiative seize with the Chronometron? I would say no but considering the FAQ about keeping the storm????

    - and second can I still use the Chronometron if the criptek is down, such as FAQ for the R. orb?