January 9, 2012

Shout Out: Best Blogs Of 2011
(The Apologetic Part 2)

This post is basically going to be an addition/what should have been included in the last post. You see, I work...a lot. And at really weird hours. At the time I wrote my last post it was around 5am on two hours of sleep and over the weekend, one by one I realized how many blogs I wanted to include, yet hadn't remembered in my sleep-deprived state. I was originally going to leave things, chalk it all up to a mistake and move on. Unfortunately I don't handle guilt well and the more I think about it the worse I feel. More after the break.

Without further adieu, let me present the other nominees I meant to include on my last post. The following blogs are the ones I read the most and are among my favorites while also fitting into one of the categories from my previous article:

The Back 40k - Rules rules and more rules. Not just this, but continued discussion with the community after in-depth posts has been helpful to me and others over the years.

The M42 Project - A bold project put in place after several members of the blogging community were unhappy with the direct GW was taking WH40k. I think intelligently discussed and designed projects such as this push the world of gaming forward to a brighter future.

Rules Man(ufactorum) - More rules? Oh yes. Focusing instead on fan-made units, wargear and rules, RulesMan (previously Rules Manufactorum) is one of my favorite places to look for inspiration.

Porky's Expanse - A speaking of inspiration, The Porkster works tirelessly to promote others work and get the gears turning for all tabletop and pen'n'paper games out there. I may not have a singular clue as to what he's writing about half the time, but I enjoy the reads regardless.

3++ Is The New Black - I'll continue the tireless effort here with Kirby and his team. Day after day after day these guys pump out email-responses which most of the time are readers asking for their army lists to be modified for the better.

World of Wonder - Promoting, promoting and promoting is a key element to this blog and several blogs that Loquacious writes for. Getting the word out on others work is the most important element of the blogosphere and Lo is really doing her part.

Wargaming Tradecraft - Much like Ron from FTW, Dave over at Wargaming Tradecraft works tirelessly on his tutorials putting more work into them than maybe even the hobby! I mean...have you seen this post? WT is an amazing blog that, while creating phenomenally well thought-out tutorials also do their part in promoting for the community.

The Painting Corps - If you've been around the 40k blog networks more than a day you know of this blog. If you have a question about painting; they know the answer. Tutorials, hints and techniques for painting fill this blog's pages.

The 11th Company Blog - Made after the start of their popular 11th Company podcast, the blog goes over things that Wild Bunch either didn't have time to go over on the show, recaps of their segments or just to talk about what they've found. The blog and the podcast alike promote anything and everything in the community and the content is top notch.

So to all of the blogs I follow and especially to the ones I've mentioned in this article series; I thank you. Maybe next time I give special recognition, I'll get some sleep first.

Finally, I was asked why I didn't include conversion, painting and rules-related blog awards. Since I'm writing down all of my shortcomings here, I'll level with you all; I'm lazy. I follow 347 blogs across two RSS feeds, 95% of which either discuss rules, painting or conversions on a regular basis. And while 100% of these blogs I really enjoy, I'm not willing to put in the man hours to make a post with that many links in it.

But that's why others win awards and I don't. ;)

Later days.


  1. dude, even sleep deprived, you are awesome. Don't let anyone get you down.

  2. World of Wonder now features 100% more SinSynn....

  3. Thanks muchly for the shout out! Appreciate it :)

  4. Thanks for the RulesMan-Bryssling shout out! I need to get back to doing some actual homebrewing once these Necrons are out the way!