December 28, 2015

Wraiths Complete
(Disappointment Is The New Black)

So in an attempt to hit the 100-models-completed mark for 2015, I raced through some zombies in my last post and lastly I was taking care of ten wraiths I have from KoW. I wanted the wraiths to be set apart from the other ghostly member of the army, so I experimented with the ghostly scheme to add something more than just whites and greens. Unfortunately, these turned out terrible, I hate them, and I may never love again. I have some plans in the far future to try and fix them with a few ideas rolling around upstairs, but for now, they'll just hang out behind some taller model. More disappointment after the jump.




I'm not discouraged, though. I am not ending 2015 on these guys, so expect another post soon.

Until next time.

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