January 20, 2010

Chronus Conversion

Welcome back! Christ, I'm pumping out the posts lately, aren't I? Today is a conversion I'm very proud of in its finished product. Recently I purchased another Predator with the idea that I would be trying out Sergeant Chronus. This would mean I would need to make a model of him for my tank and on foot, but here's my problem.

1.) I don't like painting flesh. So a helmet is a must.

2.) His helmet is quite awesome, but very unique and isn't something I can bitz order:

So, I decided to use a Tank Sergeant's helmet for both models, as 1 comes with every vehicle which means I have a lot. But if I'm going to use my own helmet, that means I'd have to make his model for on-foot from scratch. This wasn't really an issue until I realized I had no Servo Arms...

It was time to get really creative.

First, the arm. I dug around my bits and found an old Land Raider weapon I didn't plan on using anytime soon. I cut off the ammo feeder like so:

Next, I grabbed an old Dev Squad Sergeant's backpack that looks very similar to Chronus' and attached my new Servo Arm:

Then I found an old piece of rubber I've had for a while (I'm a bitz pack-rat,) and cut a section of it off using my "helping hands" because I have no friends:

I attached the rubber "hose" to the backpack like so:

Next I grabbed an old grenade/bomb, took off the handle and attached it to the Servo Arm:

Next I slid the hose through the hole... teeheeheeheehee:

And that was it for the arm. Now, the Servo Hand. I must admit, this hand-job was quite exhausting. Especially with all the glue, it made things very sticky, but I cleaned it up nicely. I took 4 belt-packs and attached them together like so:

For the next step, I took 2 bike antenna bases and cut off the antenna. I glued the 2 bases together and then attached the packs to them:

After this, I cut an indention into the hand's base so would fit on the Servo Arm securely. I also drilled a small indention for the rubber tube on the arm:

Finally, attached the hand to the arm, and the hose to the hand:

And that's it! I'm very pleased when a first attempt comes out just the way I want it:

I now have my very own Chronus! Until next time!


  1. WOW! That looks great! Congrats on acing that on your first attempt!

  2. Whoah, great covnersion, the servo-arm idea is very impressive.