January 15, 2010

The 10th Terminator Conversion

How I was brought into 40k is a simple story: Two of my friends played, 1 of them wanted a quick/cheap Ork brigade, and found the Black Reach set to be the quickest solution. They purchased 2 of them, built the Orks, yet had a good amount of SMs going to waste. Those 2 people suckered me in with free Marines! Something I'll never forgive them for!

Anywho, the whole point to this story is, I have 2 groups of normal Termies, but I find myself only ever bringing 1 group. Since, of the 10 Termies, 2 of them are Sergeants I often find myself shorthanded due to not having a 10th Termi for 1 group. My solution? eBay. I purchased a Space Hulk Terminator for a few bucks, got it in the mail and found that while the weapon option is nice, it's not something I'll always bring. Magnets are yet again the solution. But where do I get a normal Storm Bolter arm?

BAM! Sergeant #2 is no more. Sorry, guy...

After shaving/sculpting off all of the Blood Raven marks on the Space Hulk Termi, I wipped out my new handy dandy 1/8" x 1/32" magnets, applying them to both arms and the body like so:

And that's it! I have my Termi #10 and with 2 weapon options:


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