December 3, 2010

Rumors: Grey Knights

As usual, I'm jumping in late on a popular topic as-of-late. The Grey Knights are the next codex in line from GW and with that, the community receives a truck load of rumors associated with it. Some are flat-out fanboy made-up-ed-ness while others are true and shed light on how the army will feel come release. The following is the more popular rumors that I've found in the community.
Let The Games Begin!

GK codex WILL NOT have inducted units. Allies are effectively gone!
This was expected, GW is following a format more and more as the years go on and not using multiple codices to play is one of them.

If it has boobies it will not be in the GK codex if has man parts it will be in this dex. That means Penitent Engines, Argo flagellants, Priests are in. 
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that the meeting at GW didn't involve everyone agreeing on the statement, "If it has boobies it will not be in the GK codex." I'm leaning more towards this being a purely sexually-frustrated fake, but for the sake of argument I'll assume otherwise. If Sisters aren't included in this dex, but Penitent Engines are, what does that spell for Sisters? There are already rumor of Sisters going the way of Adeptus Mechanicus, is this the nail in the coffin? Or does this solidify the opposite? Are they keeping the "boobies" out so they can have their own updated dex? Only time will tell.

GK and GKT have plastic kits and will be troop choices. 
From a modeling perspective: Yay!
From a play perspective: Yay!

Release Date is March-May window. 
The sooner the better. Any closed gap for the Necron codex update is time well spent in this guy's opinion.

The Stormraven is in and along with Penitent Engines are currently the only two Fast Attacks slots in the dex. 
Yeeeeeah... No. I highly doubt there will only be 2 Fast Attack choices. Is there a 4th or 5th dex with even 3 choices for a single slot except Troops? But, again, we'll assume this is truth. If it is, Fast Attack will probably be avoided like the plague. All the rumors of these neato Elites and this is all FA gets? That is the definition of lame-sauce.

Look for HQs changing the FoC around 
Golly, that's a lot of helpful information!...

GW will not take away your toys meaning if you bought 50 Imperial Storm Troopers they will have  a place in the GK codex 
I have a feeling this is a half-truth. Just like how Death Company were still used in the BA codex, GW changed your want for their Jetpacks, effectively causing everyone to spend more money on conversions or new models. We'll see about this one.

Assassins are in as an Elite slot and any type of GK army can take them. 
Good to hear, even though I think everyone guessed this one months ago.

GKs are Space Marines they do not have Fearless or Stubborn they have Combat Tactics and They Shall Know No Fear 
And who said GW doesn't mainstream? Oh wait, no one says that.
"Count it."

GKs only vehicles options are Land Raiders, Razorbacks, Rhinos, Chimera and Stormraven.
Which seems like more than enough. Plenty of transports, and when I think of tactics for GKs I picture the power coming from the infantry anyway. More power to them if this is the reality of things.

All GK vehicles are immune to Shaken and Stunned.
And who said GW doesn't codex-crawl? Oh wait, no one says that.
"Game. Set. Match."

Stormraven is not a dedicated Transport. 
All righty..

GKs do not get Bikes, Jump Packs, or Chaplains 
Duh. Obviously. Whuuuuuuuuuuuh? Quite interesting; no Chaplains. I mean it fits fluff-wise, but Chaplains can be a staple of any SM codex. I'm not against them being removed, it's just a shock. Chaps are good, so I'm wondering what the GKs will benefit from (if anything) to compensate. This is also an attempt not to mainstream all of the SM dex's, perhaps. Go go GW!

All GKs are psyker and their powers act very much in the same way as Psyker Battle Squad. 
Again, interesting. All of them, huh? If this is the case the pros are going to have to carefully outweigh the cons. You can effectively knock a group of psykers down a notch pretty easily in most 5th dexs with Psychic Hoods and the like.

GKs will not have access to most Vanilla Marine Gear especially Heavy Weapons and Special Weapons (No Melta Spamming)
This is again a shock and also something that will take careful balancing. It's good to see us getting away from Melta-spam as that seems to be half the game these days. But a rose by any other name Meltas just as sweet. Will the GKs get a Melta with a new nametag? If so; lame. My guess is they'll be seeing something in the way of a Psychic Power to deal with vehicles.

Brother-Captain Stern has Eternal Warrior and his attacks can remove models from play. 
Neato burrito. Is this removing models from play thing becoming the new Instant Death? I remember Instant Death being quite rare, now it's becoming plentiful and I'm wondering if remove-from-play is taking its place.

The Grand Master gives out special abilities to GK units (Not USRs) We are talking weapon upgrades and minor wargear bonuses.
This is cool. I'm wondering if Psychic Powers will be included in the way of upgrades come release. Possibly the melta-equivalent power?

All GKs cause Deep Striking units to mishap if placed within 6 inches of any Grey Knight unit. 
It just wouldn't be Grey Knights if they didn't mess up Daemons in one way or another. I actually like this and hope it's true. It's something that the Grey Knights can always benefit from, no matter who they're fighting, but also has a larger advantage if they're fighting Daemons. It's perfection for this codex. Do note that the unit Deep Striking has to be placed within 6". So if you place 7" out and deviate within 6" you don't get to use this rule (assuming it stays the same as it's written here.)

All GKs Nemesis Force Weapons are Force Weapons and no longer Str 6. 
The information on why they're taking S6 away from the GKs isn't available, but I would guess there's going to be advantages elsewhere to make up for this huge loss. S6 made GKs quite unique, taking this away means GW will probably be putting something elsewhere to replace it.

Henchman include everything Daemonhosts, Death-Cult Assassins, Argo flagellants, Priests, Stormtroopers, Warriors 
Interesting. Not enough information to get up in arms about it, but assuming you can't mix and match this could be okay. If you can mix and match, this seems like it would be a massive game slow-down. We'll see where this goes.

Holocaust is now 12 inch large blast 
Fine and dandy.

Mystic is now only a teleport homer 
Simplification everyone can enjoy.

All GK vehicles are psykers with LD 10 
This singular addition makes me want to play this army. Psyker vehicles? Are you kidding me? That's the definition of badass. This can create ridiculous amounts of disadvantages, but it's just so unique I can't help but drool. If this rumor comes to light as being true; I may have my next army in line.

Blessed is now a vehicle psychic power that picks one facing and raises the AV by 2 to a max of 14 
This pissed me off when I read it. Not because it isn't awesome (it is.) Not because it's unfair (it isn't.) It's because I didn't think of it first... I love reactive abilities/choices in this game. And being in the means of creating my own codex for AdMech, a race based around technology/vehicles, I find myself asking, "Why the hell didn't I think of this?"

GKs have access to GK Command Squads giving them access to Apothecaries (FNP) 
I'm interested in how this will work out. Can a GK squad bring a Comm Squad? Or is this for singular GK models such as HQs. If it's the latter, it doesn't feel like it's worth mentioning. More of an 'Umm, okay?' I'm keeping my eye on this one.

Vindicare has unlimited ammo for all special shots.
Another "duh". As I've said, there are certain things GW is getting away from to speed up the game, limited ammo is one of them save combi- and a couple of other exceptions.

That's all I've been able to find looking on blogs/forums for now. Overall it's looking good, arguably the most unique SM dex if some of these make it to the book. The vehicle psykers are what I'm particularly excited about as it adds an element to the game that I didn't think I would ever see. I'll add to this as I find more rumors, but that's all we've got for now.

As for the AdMech fandex; I've been really pleased with how many email responses I've gotten so far. While some of you may not have gotten responses from me yet, I assure you I will get to each and every email. At this point I haven't even read them all as my motivation for the project has slumped since I released open-beta. It's been half a year of almost non-stop work and my brain is needing a well-deserved break. Thanks again for all of the information you guys/gals have been providing me with and I promise nothing will go unheard.

As for upcoming news, I have a few things I'd like to get underway soon. I have a guest writer with some very interesting finds of his I'd love to get on here, so hopefully we'll get something up soon. I'm also in talks with some buddies about merging blogs so we'll get more content rather than the 1-2 posts a month I seem to be in the habit of. I'm also planning on finishing off my Necron army, it's just hard to find the time lately. So stay tuned for more updates!

Later days.


  1. It is so hard to comment on vague rumors. Give me some hard stats and point costs and I'll generate an opinion. It also could be that I find Grey Knights a little dull. Now, if they were Silver Knights. . .

  2. Or Pink Polka-dot Knights? Oh the possibilities!