December 21, 2010

Rumors: Grey Knights II

Jesus tap-dancing Christ the internet is lighting up with rumors this month! Well, it seems we're getting one more helping of Grey Knight rumor casserole. While it didn't cover what I feel is the most exciting aspect of the new codex (psyker vehicles), it did hit on some key items everyone wants to know. You can check out BoLS forums for this info or you could skip the 10 year old comment fillings and check out Blood of Kittens Network for a neat and tidy little list. For a less tidy list, but with my always-clever commentary, check out what I have after the break.
New Rumored GK Psyker Tank; Gets 35mpg.

*Here's a list of what I've already covered. For witty commentary, check out the link here.*

GK codex WILL NOT have inducted units. Allies are effectively gone!

Penitent Engines, Argo flagellants, Priests are in.

GK and GKT have plastic kits and will be troop choices.

Release Date is March-May window.

The Stormraven is in (duh) and along with Penitent Engines are currently the only two Fast Attacks slots in the dex.

Look for HQs changing the FoC around

GW will not take away your toys meaning if you bought 50 Imperial Storm Troopers they will have  a place in the GK codex

Assassins are in as an Elite slot and any type of GK army can take them.

GKs are Space Marines they do not have Fearless or Stubborn they have Combat Tactics and They Shall Know No Fear

GKs only vehicles options are Land Raiders, Razorbacks, Rhinos, Chimera and Stormraven. All GK vehicles are immune to Shaken and Stunned. Stormraven is not a dedicated Transport.

GKs do not get Bikes, Jump Packs, or Chaplains

All GKs are psyker and their powers act very much in the same way as Psyker Battle Squad.

GKs will not have access to most Vanilla Marine Gear especially Heavy Weapons and Special Weapons (No Melta Spamming)

Brother-Captain Stern has Eternal Warrior and his attacks can remove models from play.

The Grand Master gives out special abilities to GK units (Not USRs) We are talking weapon upgrades and minor wargear bonuses.

All GKs cause Deep Striking units to mishap if placed within 6 inches of any Grey Knight unit.

All GKs Nemesis Force Weapons are Force Weapons and no longer Str 6.

Henchman include everything Daemonhosts, Death-Cult Assassins, Argo flagellants, Priests, Stormtroopers, Warriors

Holocaust is now 12 inch range large blast

Mystic is now only a teleport homer

All GK vehicles are immune to Shaken and Stunned (Sacred Hull). Stormraven is not a dedicated Transport. All GK vehicles are psykers with LD 10

Blessed is now a vehicle psychic power that picks one facing and raises the AV by 2 to a max of 14

GKs have access to GK Command Squads giving them access to Apothecaries (FNP)

Vindicare has unlimited ammo for all special shots.

*And now, the new/uncovered stuff.*

GKs have access to many weapon upgrades.
While this provides little to no actual info, this could be taken as "GKs are nothing but a bunch of Storm Bolter toting infantry, but those Storm Bolters get upgrades to make them better." I like upgrading of stats, I always have, so I like the idea of this.

GKs can pay for + str or rending for their storm bolters
This further supports that idea, I'll be crossing my fingers. Even though a Rending S4 weapon won't even dent AV 14, it can reliably take out Rhinos and Barges.

Grand Masters give D3 special powers to Grey Knight units. Things like Digital Weapons, Master Crafted weapons, Wolf Standard, but with GK names.
Judging from this and other rumors, I have a feeling if you want an effective all-GK army, you'll end up needing a special character. This rumor says just a Grand Master, but I'm curious if they mean a special character that's a Grand Master. If it is just a vanilla GM, this looks really powerful...and fun.

Psycannon is Str 7 rending AP 4 either can fire 2 shots moving or 4 shots standing still.
From the original: +1S, +Rending, +1 Shot while standing still and -1 Shot while moving. The weapon just plain got better. My question is, is the range always the same or is it still an 18"/36" weapon. The only reason I think it will be the same range at all times is the negative to moving has been implemented into the amount of shots you get. The other big question is whether the "No invuln or cover saves may be taken" is still in effect. We'll see.

Incenerator Str 5 ap 4 rending
Correct me if I'm wrong, this is still the same S and AP values, it just has Rending tacked on. Again, what's the range? And does it still ignore cover and invulv?

Callidus Assassin = Long Fangs and Lootas no more. Works like Lictors/Marbo drops a str 4 ap 2 large blast when enters play and can still use the Neural Shredder which is now Str 8 ap 2.
Very, very cool. If this duder is as cheap as Marbo, it may just be everyone's go-to surprise tactic.

The other Assassin are just updated versions of their old selves with the Culexus especially devastating to Psykers.
Lack of info here, but it sounds good. I assume Culexus is devastating to the enemy Psykers. If so, some sort of counterattack to Psykers rather than the defensive Psychic Hood could be neato.

Their are three special character Inquisitors one of which will make Henchman Troop choices.
So this is how we're getting getting the henchmen en masse. Can't wait to see what toys the other Inquisitors come with.

One GKs Special character will make Purgation Squads Troops (yes you heard that right) you can spam psycannons all you want.
Depending on point cost, this could be naaaaasty. An ultimate demon-killers list.

One GK Special Character can take cheap termies talking Chaos Space Marine Terminator Cheap.
Judging from other rumors, we're going to get many types of Termies, this is probably what will set this SM chapter apart from the others. I'm wondering if this reduces cost on their Termies, or it brings in a less powerful version that is cheaper than the others.

Grey Knights are around Plague Marine Cost
Assuming this is after FNP and weapon upgrades, this is more than fair. Combined with the ability to enable Psyker powers via specific characters, it makes for a balanced point cost on the brink of OP.

GKT are normal vanilla marine termy cost.
What kind of GKT are we talking here? I'm getting the impression there are multiple types, still. If not, and the rumors of Termies getting FNP and 2 wounds is true, these guys are daaaaaamn cheap.

Nemesis Force Weapons can be upgrade as well increased initiative is one option.
Being able to jump above the number 4 on Init is quite powerful for anyone. I hope this one comes to light.

Grey Knights do get a MC a cross between a Talos and Karamazov Elite choice. The plastic kit is done on this one so expect it with GK launch.
I saw the word Talos and I pooped a little. Can't wait to see the model for this one.

Dreadnoughts are Heavy Support.
I'm not shocked by this. Rumor after rumor has mention many powerful Elite choices, to the point that Dreads would get overshadowed if they were in the same slot. Though I'm not a huge fan of them, it's good to see they might still be viable.

GKT can mix and match Nemesis Force Weapons and TH/SS and get psy weapons as well.
This can mean so many things. I think the biggest question that comes to mind is, "Can you cheese out like Orks and Space Wolves; equipping each 2W model with something different.

Any GK unit can once per game gate of infinity with no deviation in the movement face and can shoot, but not assault. This could still be changed to become the new Grey Knight Teleport Attack and moved to Fast Attack slot.
I hate hate hate Deep Striking, myself. But I love love love Deep Striking with no deviation. I'm hoping this sticks and isn't moved to Fast Attack only, though it seems like Fast Attack needs some love from the rumors presented. I'm also wondering if you can get out of CC with this teleport. Again, I hope so.

And that's it! Grey Knights look to be shaping up as a powerful codex, perhaps even more-so than Space Wolves. As you could probably tell, this is more than likely my next choice for an army, so I'm hoping the codex shapes up as a competitive choice.

As for other news, the AdMech codex is still in the works and it's going through quite a bit of changes. Some removals and additions to FOC choices are in the works. Out of all the complaints about the codex (I focus on these more than the approvals,) you all don't like the choices from other Imperial codex being implemented as whole and want to see new options never before seen. While I don't think I'll completely remove all of the options available due to fluff, I'm currently reworking some of the options to make selections more unique via vehicles you won't see in any current codex. Stay tuned for more updates!

Later days.


  1. Man, Grey Knights. What can you say? They're grey and they are knights. I think they do some stuff too.

  2. "If this duder is as cheap as Marbo, it may just be everyone's go-to surprise tactic."

    HA HA HA HA... Suprise! Marbo killed himself again :(