July 3, 2010

Combi-Weapon Kit

A quick shout out to a website I have just found via Dark Future Games and a product that, after viewing it, made my pants fit better. The website is chapterhousestudios.com and the product is as my title would entail: Space Marine Combi-Weapons. The kit includes 1 Combi-Bolter and 4 magnetized attachments (grenade, plasma, melta and flamer.)
Now, if you know me at all (or have checked out the title of the page you're on,) you know I love magnets and I also love Combi-Bolters. Needless to say, I just purchased 8 of these within minutes of witnessing them. I don't see this being my last purchase from this place, either. These guys sell a wide variety of custom made bits at very cheap prices.

As for the future of The Magnet Pro, I have my next army choice selected and I'll be working out a post soon to explain the plan for said army. So stay tuned for that.

Later days.

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