July 15, 2010

Next Up: Adeptus Mechanicus (Updated)

Update 07/18/10:
Hit a speed bump yesterday so I'm probably behind by a week now in order to iron out some new additions I put off making until a week after the last second. My list of Heavy Support didn't seem hefty enough, so I'll be including a variant of a long favorite in the 40k community. 

Update 07/22/10:
I decided to include my update log on here as well, so enjoy the slow crawl:
06-07-10 – 5th Edition rule updates
06-08-10 – 5th Edition rule updates
06-10-10 – 5th Edition rule updates
06-12-10 – Stat experimentation
06-14-10 – Stat experimentation
06-15-10 – Stat experimentation
06-17-10 – Army Special Rule changes
06-18-10 – Unit Special Rule changes
06-20-10 – Unit Special Rule changes
06-21-10 – Army Special Rule additions
06-22-10 – Stat restructuring
06-24-10 – Stat restructuring
06-26-10 – Grammar and spelling updates
06-27-10 – Stat restructuring
06-29-10 – Unit and Army Special Rule changes
07-01-10 – Question the existence of God and stat restructuring
07-03-10 – Vehicle Special rule experimentation
07-04-10 – Codex structure updates
07-05-10 – Codex structure updates
07-06-10 – Wargear collaboration and restructure
07-07-10 – Armory point value evaluation
07-08-10 – Beginning Army List collaboration
07-09-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-10-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-11-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-12-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-13-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-14-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-15-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-16-10 – Contemplating suicide
07-17-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation
07-18-10 – Army List collaboration and point value evaluation07-21-10 – Restructure of Army List format
07-22-10 – Restructure of Army List format
07-26-10 – Restructure of Army List format
07-28-10 – Restructure of Army List format
07-29-10 – Restructure of Army List format
07-30-10 – Restructure of Army List format
08-02-10 – Restructure of Army List format and continued Army List collaboration
08-05-10 – Restructure of Army List format
08-10-10 – Restructure of Army List format
08-11-10 – Restructure of Army List format
08-13-10 – Final unit addition
08-14-10 – Final unit addition
08-16-10 – Fluff/Lore additions
08-17-10 – Fluff/Lore additions, Cleanup for Rough Draft
08-18-10 - Rough Draft Complete!
08-19-10 - Closed Beta Read-Through for Grammar
08-29-10 - Sneak peek at one of the Special Characters:
09-05-10 - Editing
09-06-10 - Editing
09-07-10 - Editing
09-08-10 - Editing
09-09-10 - Editing
09-10-10 - Editing
09-11-10 - Editing
09-18-10 - Editing
09-19-10 - Editing
09-20-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-21-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-22-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-23-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-24-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-25-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-26-10 - Editing
09-28-10 - Rule Review and Editing
09-29-10 - Editing
10-01-10 - Closed-Beta Playtesting
10-02-10 - Rule Review and Editing
10-03-10 - Rule Review and Editing
10-06-10 - Editing
10-07-10 - Editing
10-13-10 - Editing
10-17-10 - Continued Closed-Beta Playtesting
10-18-10 - Editing
10-19-10 - Editing
10-21-10 - Editing
10-22-10 - Editing
10-23-10 - Editing
10-24-10 - Continued Closed-Beta Playtesting
10-25-10 - Editing
10-27-10 - Editing
10-28-10 - Unit Addition
10-29-10 - Unit Addition
10-31-10 - Editing
11-01-10 - Unit Addition
11-02-10 - Editing
11-04-10 - Editing
11-06-10 - Editing
11-07-10 - Continued Closed-Beta Playtesting
11-08-10 - Editing
11-10-10 - Editing
11-11-10 - Editing
11-13-10 - Editing
11-14-10 - Editing and Continued Closed-Beta Playtesting
11-15-10 - Editing
11-16-10 - Editing
11-17-10 - Open-beta released!
12-06-10 - FAQ for v5.120610.L Released!

Update 02/08/11:
As you all have noticed, I'm no longer putting minimal updates on this post. It's a needless hassle I don't want to deal with. With that, know that I'm working on the FanDex almost every day and I now have a small team working on this rather than just my lonesome self so things are moving along at a great pace. As I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, you should see the new version of the FanDex before February. The newest version is a lot more clean as far as rules go, "stream-lined" if you will. There are countless major changes and modification that have been made in order for this FanDex to be as playable as possible. The battlereports are still coming in and I would like to thank everyone who's participating very much and I hope the next beta is even more entertaining for everyone.

While I can't toss out all the information I have on the new version (as that would be near impossible for one,) I won't leave you without some detail. Essentially, most of the previous Imperial vehicles from other codices have been removed and/or replaced. This was the complaint I saw the most, too many vehicles we've already seen before. While I personally think it makes sense that the creators of IG and SM vehicles would bring those with them when they go on their Tech Quests since they're always readily available, I do have to agree that it makes the FanDex feel less personal. We have how many SM codices right now? Yeah, no one wants another SM dex, even in partial. So here's the juice.

New unit entries you'll see in the next version:
  • Knight Titan
  • Tech-Priest Transmechanic
  • Phantous
  • The Forsaken
  • Gant
  • Cantharis
Names are all I'm throwing out for now.

Update 02/21/11:
A couple of weeks ago I added a few units to the FanDex that I forgot to post here. Once again, names are all I'm giving out at this time. Worry not, I'm estimating the next version of the FanDex is about one week away.
  • Caminus-Priest
  • Cult Abomination
  • Divexo Beacon
Update 02/28/11:
The 2nd version for beta testing (v5.022811.L) is up! Enjoy!

Update 03/29/11:
The new FAQ is up for the second version of the fandex!

Update 04/04/11:
Clarifications on the Walking Transport Special Rule have been posted.

Update 04/25/11:
I'm pleased to announce I now have a team of four to-be-named fluff writers working hard on the fluff entries for the fandex. I'm excited to turn this fandex into more than a rulebook come the next version. Hopefully those of you that enjoy fluff as well will enjoy what the team has in store for you.

Update 04/29/11:
As some of you might have seen, there has been a series of articles I've written about the AdMech FanDex's past, present and future on MWC. In the third article I mentioned the following units are to be included in the fandex's next version:
  • Imperial Jetbikes
  • Iron Father
  • Iron Hands
  • Textura
  • Tech-Priest Artifex
  • Solus Infiltrator
  • Luceo Rollers
  • Termite
There may be one more unit included in the next version, but I'm still getting this one down on paper and haven't begun playtesting it yet, so I'm not too hopeful. I'll keep you all posted.

Update 05/17/11:
Announcement of the Fluff-Writing Team.

Update 06/02/11:
Updates here will stop as keeping up with this log is getting a little tedious. With changes happening so rapidly I would be updating this thing daily and that time is better spent elsewhere. Just know the project continues and I'll be updating you all here as time goes on.


  1. Sounds cool- will be interested to see what happens with this.

  2. Good luck! You might wanna have a look at the Tempus Fugitives one, too. The Dark Mechanicus list plays especially weird, but both are good fan codices.

    Hopefully your Skitarii will be the cool-ass ones from Dan Abnett's Titanicus books, and not the wimpy ones that can't shoot straight...

  3. As a good friend once said, "Can't Dan Abnett make anyone sound really cool?" =P

  4. Abnett makes them sound fantastic, but in the Tim Huckleberry list in the link they're absolute shit. They have IG infantry statlines/and a 6+inv save for 10 points? Thanks, but no thanks. For a few points more the average Battle Sister is a better buy and has a better statline to boot. These guys are supposed to run ahead/around Titans and slam into other infantry. Why not make the average Skit a WS4, BS3, S4 with some kind of shorter-range assault 2 weapon and (book) bionics? For that matter, why not stick some FW superheavy tanks in there as HS or FA choices? I'd rather have a brace of Baneblades than a single Warhound any day.

  5. Have no fear, sir. Tim's fandex was just a starting point and layout, nothing more. And Skitarii will be what Titanicus portrays them as. Promise =P

  6. I don't know nothing about titans or skittles, but that cover looks awesome.

  7. That illo is pretty kickass.

  8. Can I play a durid? Or a Paladin? I can holy really really gud! Hai Sin!

  9. I look forward to seeing how this turns out! As someone who has been in the process of writing a Fandex for the past 19 months, I wish you lots of Luck.

    It can be quite an daunting undertaking, with all the playtesting and balancing that goes into a project like this. Just err on the side of caution when creating the units and special rules.

    Good luck and if you need any advice feel free to email me, through my profile.


  10. Thanks Jim! Much appreciation!

    I didn't think it would be so much of a monster when I first started, but the reality of how much time this will take grows every day.

    I'll hit you up if I hit any bumps along the way.

    Thanks again!

  11. Watching this with great interest.Looks awesome.

    Your hard work has motivated me to dig out the background work I did for my Blood Drinkers,for B&C's IA and attempt a conversion on the Angels Codex. Be a little less effort than the full blown works you have undertaken, but then at my core Im a lazy bugger :)

    Best of luck


  12. Thanks, Bix! Glad I could help as a motivator as well.

    I'll let you in on a little secret, too. I'm quite lazy myself, I just get obsessed on one thing for a bit. The FanDex is the current obsession, lol.

    Best of luck to you as well.

  13. It is a cool codex. And a blast to play .
    But your hellguns are the new marine killer weapons of doom number one .
    I will post a full bat.rep. as soon as i can .
    I proxied a bit and i lost versus marines .
    In kill points with 7 : 6 .
    The russ variants are very nice .

  14. Can't wait to see it, Rene. Thanks for the feedback!