July 18, 2010

40k Radio's Return

Well, it's back. 40k Radio has returned to the intarwebz thanks to Battle Foam's Romeo Filip taking an interest in its resurrection. So how is it? Who's the new crew and how did they handle things? Was there a commercial for Battle Foam shoved in every 37 seconds? These answers and more after the break!
The show has a new line up for their hosts. George Miller is stepping up to the plate to become the new host and, therefor, face of 40k Radio. Other than Rik Massei, George's sidekick, there are no other permanent seats, and I'm perfectly fine with this (even though I do miss Spencer.) The thing with untrained radio speaking is if you have more than one person, each addition in personal drastically increases your chance for people to talk and yell over each other. Combined with crappy equipment means you'll be getting headaches.

This is something that bugged me a lot with the original 40k Radio. A combination of too many people, crap-tastic recording equipment, people's voices being unbalanced with each other and a constant high pitched talker (you know who I'm talking about.)

So do these problems continue? Every single answer is a no. The recording equipment sounds a lot better than the previous 40k Radio. Other than a bit of fuzz and some loudness in the first few mins of George speaking, there is no pull-out-your-hair excruciating pain in your ears and all voices are balanced to about the same volume.

Speaking of speakers, I'm pleased to only hear low-toned voices on the new show. I don't care who you are, what you know or what you have to say. If you're on a podcast or the radio and you have a high pitched voice, I don't want to hear you speak. Unless recording equipment is top dollar, it's nails on a chalkboard to the world. I'm hoping George and Rick are the only two that have permanent seats on the new show. I'll leave it at that.

40k Radio seems to want to follow the profile of two permanent seats and one floating seat for guest speakers. This week was, of course, Romeo from Battle Foam. I like this guy, I'm biased, please understand this. I followed him through the legal battles with Battle Foam and he's a fighter with a good head on his shoulders. Even with all this personal affection for this duder, I had a huge fear that he was going to be plugging Battle Foam every chance he got. This was not the case by any means. Other than discussing how their purchase of 40k Radio is going down, he talks the hobby and nothing but the hobby.

Overall this was a great show. George and Rick have great chemistry and work well in giving each other breathing room to discuss everything they want. I would say it's an improvement over the previous show if only for the tons of little fixes that weren't taken care of previously. I can't wait for the next episode in two weeks (yes, they're following the bi-weekly plan.) If you haven't heard it yet, here's the first episode of the new show. Enjoy!

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