August 2, 2010

No More Elves!

Ah yes, no more elves in my life... I also found a nickel in the dryer this afternoon! Today's going to be great day!
Anywho, I bring up this title for two reasons. The Adeptus Mechanicus FanDex I'm working on is the first reason. I know there are some people watching the updates on this project, which is really great. It means there's a want for it. And with how little advertising I'm doing for it so far, coupled with the large amount of hits and followers I'm getting without putting out even a sample page yet makes me feel just dandy. Like I'm back in school where I'd have 37 1/2 people follow me around throughout the day (one of them was a midget.) But I'm getting off track. For those of you following the updates you may have noticed the work time being put into the FanDex is getting a little more thin than it used to be, and I can chalk this up to three problems.

First, I've been putting more than a couple hundred man-hours into the thing so far and while I knew if I kept going at such a strong pace I'd get burned out, I did it anyway. Sure enough, I'm only able to put about 2-3 hours in at a time without wanting to punch a word document. It will eventually wear off as my slumps from hobbies often do and I'll be right back into it continuing the "cycle of obsession". So for those who were concerned--don't be.

Second is simply work. This month dawns the starting point of semi-forced overtime for the month. I'll be putting in a lot of extra hours in the month of August which will peel away at "me time". Hot.

Thirdly, I cannot for the life of me stop playing Global Agenda when I do have free time. For those of you who don't know what it is, it's a third person PC shooter with PvP/PvE and MMO qualities. It's quite addictive and has been holding my attention really well in my spare time. Not to mention it's far more adrenaline pumping than codex creation. Which brings me back my original point; No Elves. And if you don't laugh at that, you've apparently never played a Fantasy RPG.

Moving on. The second reasoning for the title is I finally sold off my Eldar army via eBay. Some of you might remember I had planned to sell it long ago, but laziness combined with forgetfulness caused me to never actually get around to putting it on the web. Well I finally did, and they'll be in the mail tomorrow; off to find their new home.

I'm pleased on a couple of levels here. For one, I'm finally rid of an army that I didn't really have fun playing with from the start. And they're off to someone who will actually enjoy playing and/or painting them. And lastly, I feel like even though the models are GW, those models have a lot of custom work I did myself and I feel as though I've "sold my work" in an egotistical sort of way. Like I'm an artist, but less of a pretentious douche and more of a nerdy basement dweller.

As a final note, I have a treat coming soon. Once I can get some good photos going (I looked over my blog and realized my pictures have quite a poo-ish quality,) I'll put up a post. So keep a look out for that!

May your dryers be filled with nickels.


  1. I think it's spelled dryer, but whatever the case, it was a kitchy opening line and a good closer. It's the only blog entry I've read all day, so you must be doing something right (or woefully wrong, depending upon whether me visiting a site is a good thing or a bad thing).

    Congrats on selling the Eldar. I remember oohing and aahing at your flashy Eldrad. That miscast is sparkling with potential.

  2. Ha, you're correct! I'll change that up.

    Thanks for the input. I'm hoping the seller will send me some pics of the painted Eldrad when he/she is done.

  3. Now that you are a successful artist you can work on being a pretentious douche. I recommend commenting often on how other armies' customization lack magnetic appeal.

  4. That almost makes TOO much sense! I'm on it!