August 29, 2010

AdMech FanDex and Necron Update

I've finally completed my small 500pts of Necrons and I'm quite pleased with how they turned out. Overall the whole thing probably took about 6 hours for 20 Warriors and the Lord, but I'm sure with as much black and green as I'll be using in the coming days it'll start going faster.
(Click for closer view)
More pics after the break!

The Lord took the most work for obvious reasons. The goo-lightning effect off of the Rez Orb I was going for turned out well. If you remember from my previous post, I used the extra pewter scraps from other models to create this look like I did with my old Eldrad model.
The painting went well. I used heavy Scorpion Green as a base for the goo-lightning. I then streaked Skull White perpendicular to the lightning and Chaos Black streaked across the length of the "tentacles". I added some straining effects to the arm where the Orb-effect ends and the black begins. The cloak was dry brushed, this turned out exactly the way I wanted. I ran some highlighting on the body with Codex Grey and the staff has some Mithril Silver on it.

The Warriors were given the same techniques except the highlighting on most of them was done with a slightly darker mix.
The emerging-from-the-ground theme I was going for turned out well. Although, now that they're complete I wish I would have been a little more extreme with it. With the models being so dark it's hard to tell right off the bat that some of them are coming out of the ground rather than just hunched over.

After all the painting, I Quick-Shaded them with Dark Tone. I would have gone with a lighter Quick-Shade, but the store was out. Now that I see the final result, I'm glad I went with the Dark Tone as the Anti-shine Matt Varnish spray lightened up the colors more than I thought it would.
I'm ecstatic with how this turned out. Necrons were what I wanted to play from the beginning, and I can't wait to have a bigger force to play with.

As for AdMech FanDex updates, I'm on schedule for my hope to release open beta in October. So keep an eye on the updates page (the link is always in the top right corner) for how that's coming along. Right now is the slowest part. Myself and two of my grammar-strong friends are reading through the bulk of pages (I'm up to 51 pages so far) for word flow and grammar corrections. Fear not, the Adeptus Mechanicus FanDex is coming, and it's looking damn good.

Later days.


  1. Those Necrons are looking good. I like how you made it look like they were radiating bright green.

  2. Thanks, mang! They're turning out almost exactly like I had in my head a couple of years ago.