September 12, 2010

Damn You, 11th Company!

With 60-70 hour work weeks it's been a rough time keeping up with my podcasts. And I'm still not caught up on the old 11th Company casts (easily my favorite podcast) as I only discovered them a month or so ago. But, today I got in some time at work to listen to the latest 40k Radio and 11th Company and I have to say; I'm pissed.
I rely on The 11th Company for strategy and living vicariously through their discussions to get through these 2 months of overtime at work that I've seldom been able to work on the hobby because of (aside from the Ad Mech Fan Dex, of course). I'm an avid listener and I love the crap out of their show. However, this week was a bit different.

This week they went over the Blood Angel's codex; part of their Codex Countdown (my favorite segment, btw.) Their re-explanation of the Blood Angel's codex had me drooling. I have yet to fight against the new BAs or read through the codex myself, but the way the codex works sounds like something I really want to get my hands on. A fast, mech/shooty army with good base stats and many options is something that apparently tickled my brain's fancy.

Unfortunately, with me working so many hours, endless amounts of Necrons to paint and the AdMech codex nearing its playtesting phase; I just don't have the money or the time to try them out... Maybe sometime in the future.

In other news, I know a number of you keep an eye on this blog for the AdMech updates. As always, check the link in the top right corner for the latest updates. Right now I'm awaiting the read-through notes from 3 of my gaming group friends with superior grammar skills. I've almost completed my read through and the whole thing is shaping up nicely.

Once the grammar/wording editing is completed I'll be moving into the closed beta rules review and  then closed beta playtesting. And after that I'll be releasing the open beta to the community to help me complete this labor of love (much thanks in advance.) That's about all I have for now. I have been getting a little pressure on releasing page(s) of the Fan Dex for ogling, but my plan is to keep almost everything under wraps until open beta. I will tell you that if you've read Dan Abnett's Titanicus, I think you will be very pleased.

Until next time!


  1. I can't wait to see the fandex in action.

  2. I'm actually in pain from holding back playtesting. I'm SO eager to get this thing on the board.