September 30, 2010

AdMech FanDex Playtesting

What in the heck is this? That bed spread hasn't been cleaned in like... And when was the last time that carpet was vacuumed? These are all valid questions, if you were my mother. Since you're not my mother (I assume) you're probably focusing on the pages strewn about my bedroom. So what exactly is going on here? It's the next phase ladies and gents. Step 17 or something in the AdMech FanDex adventure I'm on.
This was the last day of editing in which I wasted countless pieces of paper (or 55) in order to visually see the layout format for the codex. Currently I'm holding in my hand the playtesting draft of the FanDex, which is causing me to type very slowly... So I'll finish up by saying that closed-beta playtesting will run through October, possibly longer depending on how I feel about it and then open-beta playtesting will be available for the masses. And as always, click the link in the top right corner for daily updates.

UPDATE 10/01/10:
Well, night 1 of playtesting went well. I played 1500 Seize Ground, DoW against an Ork list. We had to stop on turn 5 due to time restraints, but in my opinion the game was the Ork's. On the flip-side however, things were going a little too well in my favor for most of the game. I had a lot of high-strength weapons on the field and felt that I was "suffering" from IG-ness. I mean suffering in the same way a child "suffers" from having too much candy. It's good, but it's bad.
My philosophy for this first month of playtesting is I shouldn't win; I shouldn't even come close to winning. And in tonight's game, had I played a bit smarter in a few respects, I think I could have won. A codex that doesn't technically exist yet shouldn't be capable of this on its first night of play ever. After mulling it over with some of the members of our gaming group, I'm going to make some changes and corrections this week in order to lower the power of the army as a whole and see where the next game goes. I don't want to go killing off anything I see as powerful, so I'm making one large change and leaving it at that until the next game. The art of tweaking is an intricate mistress.
Despite all that I've said so far, it... Was... FUN... I can't explain how fun this was to play. I would imagine it's the same feeling a parent gets when their child comes home with straight A's. Or a pimp's lady-of-the-evening does that thing with the lasso. You know what I'm talking about. It's a solid FanDex if I do say-so myself, and it's endlessly refreshing to see months of work on the table... Even if every model on the table was a proxy...
Needless to say, I can't wait for my next game and even more so to get this thing out to all of you waiting patiently.

Soon, party people. Soon.


  1. That Necron Tomb Stalker isn't as bad as. . . .oh wait, new topic. Since I was lucky enough to watch part of the game I could reveal some suprises (cough*dozerblades*cough), but I won't do that to you. All in all it had a lot of unique playability. It still felt Imperial, but with some added pizzazz.

  2. Imperial yet pizzazz-ee was what I was going for! Fantastic!


  3. Anything specific about how the AdMech units are shaping up? How are the troop statlines shaking out?

    Tell me you've abandoned the term "Hypaspist", because it's hard to say without spraying coffee everywhere.

  4. Soon, my friend...soon.
    /conniving look

    I'm honestly itching to get this stuff out. But even this week I changed some stat lines around, so until I'm finished tweaking this and that as I playtest I don't want to let anything out..

    I'm pleased with how solid it feels. No major issues other than being a bit too powerful, which hopefully I've corrected. It's beyond playable, which I accomplished outside of playtesting amazingly. Now I'm just balancing it out.

  5. Hi Lantz,

    Good to see someone else breaking themselves over a homebrew codex. I made a Lost and The Damned codex (in need of playtesting) so if you want any feedback feel free to shove your prototype in my direction.

  6. Right on, thanks Chaos! Through the whole process I'm really happy with how awesome the community has been. I'll hit you up if I run into any speed bumps.