October 18, 2010

Necron Completion and AdMech Playtesting Continued

It's been a very busy couple of weeks. Car troubles, weddings, boozeseses, etc. I haven't had much time for 40K, but the last couple of days I've finally found some time for some painting of the Necrons.
I'm still working on constructing a lightbox for pictures, so hopefully this is the last time horribly dark pictures will parade around these parts. Click on the pictures for a better view, this can compensate some for lack of proper lighting.

If you remember a post from looooong ago, I had a preview of my Scarabs and what I was going for. I'm proud to say they're complete and look just dandy. I'm questioning how good the highlighting looks on them, though.
If you click on the pictures for close-ups you may see what I'm talking about. Overall I'm pleased, but I may have made them a little too gray with the dry brushing. Either way, the conversion turned out perfectly and these seem more like a swarm of little bugs than boring atrocity this is.

Next up on the painting game was another conversion from a post looooong ago, my $2.92 Immortals.
These guys turned out pretty well. I wanted the white on their heads to stay lighter than it did, but in turn it made their green eyes stand out better. Creepy is what I wanted, and creepy is what I got.

The shoulder-pad portion of the conversion could have turned out a lot more elegant, had I taken the time to fill in gaps with GS. This is something I'll definitely attempt in the future.
On the other side of highlighting woes, I wish I had done more highlighting on these guys. Or at least had a better way to immediately differentiate them from Warriors when their back is turned. Aside from their doubled gauss rods (heheh,) there's no quick way for your brain to tell they're not Warriors from the backside. Not a big issue, just one of those little things..

Moving on to the Adeptus Mechanicus, I went through another night of playtesting this evening. I played against Chaos Marines in a pitched-battle kill-points mission, or a "Normal Game" for short. It went well, I think. We stopped at turn six with Chaos winning 6 to 4 and I could only hope for 1 more kill point assuming the game continued. A close game, good and bad rolls on both sides, about as normal of a game as you can get; it was a great playtesting scenario.

A unit I've been debating getting rid of all together made the difference between a slight loss and a pounding into the ground of my army. Just goes to show that those "useless units" sometimes turn out to have use in the right circumstances.

I'm pleased to say after tonight's game, I don't foresee any major changes to the codex as a whole. From here on out it should be minor changes and cleanup. I'm discussing a few changes to specific units with my gaming group, and those can be time consuming, but I think I'm still on schedule for open-beta playtesting before December. As always, click the link in the top right corner of the site for day-to-day updates on the FanDex.

Later days.


  1. To help identify your Immortals I would tape little notes on their backs that say "Kick Me! I'm an Immortal." That way you'll always know.

  2. Or have a post it saying "we have inside us blood of kings!"