August 3, 2010

Black and Green Fingertips

Two posts in the same week, I must be sick. Howdy-how fellow miniature lovers. I have a special treat for anyone who accidentally stumbled onto my blog looking for painted models to judge. On any other day I'd say you came to the wrong place, but last weekend the strangest thing happened. I had the urge to paint. I know, it didn't make much sense to me either, I've never felt that feeling before and admittedly my world was turned upside down. Up was down, left was right, right was wrong and Breaking Benjamin put out an album that didn't sound like the same track 14 times in a row.
Thankfully, about 30mins into painting my usual hatred for it came flooding back and the universe made sense again. But being the stubborn jackass I am I pressed on, determined to at least finish something in this hobby. I present to you, my 17 Necron Warriors.
I have to give a shout out to Iffy's article on Assembly Line Painting for giving my brain a kick in the right direction. As a noob painter for things smaller than Gundam Models, I find the whole process exhausting to say the least. But this article helped me gain some ground on the confidence I needed to feel like I could accomplish painting a chunk of models in a small amount of time. Even if you're a veteran painter, I think this article has something to offer everyone.
The whole process took about 4 hours (I'm basing this off 11 episodes of Scrubs I watched while painting) and wasn't too terribly painful, but still not something I enjoy. I haven't quickshaded any of them yet, but that day will come when I have more models painted as I hate breaking out the Quickshade more than I have to. It's a really sticky mess...heh.
Going for almost exactly what GW illustrates on the boxes for Necrons, I'm going for a kind of black shell containing green glowy goodness thing here. My primer base was black. I "wetly" dry brushed the rocks on the base with Scorpion Green first using one of my larger brushes. I then put in all the Scorpion Green you see there and got sloppy with it for speed. Then I painted my emblems Burnished Gold. After this I went over all the sloppy spots with Chaos Black which made the whole thing come together quite nicely as it allowed me to get a ton of green in the ribs and eye sockets and then sweep my smudges under the carpet, so-to-speak. After this I mixed Chaos Black and Skull White together about b70/w30 for some highlighting on their edges. I think they turned out nifty for a first attempt.
The pictures I post from now on should be a lot better. I've messed with my lighting a lot more so no one gets ill from the stuff I post anymore. Eventually I'll make one of those fancy photo boxes, but with the FanDex I won't have much to show off for a while.

Anyway, that's all I've got for now. Any criticism on how good or bad they look is welcomed, but I must admit that I honestly don't care if they're terrible. I'm just looking to get away with having 3 colors on my models ASAP.



  1. They look pretty sweet. I love the basing. Now you might actually have to play your Necrons!

  2. You were always welcome to play my Necrons Lantz. All they do is sit in Eric's basement and collect kitty fuzz.