August 18, 2010

Space Marines For Sale!

That's right! All of my magnet/conversion Space Marine work is going up for sale! This will hopefully provide the funds I need for my upcoming Adeptus Mechanicus project! So if you want to own The Magnet Pro's original army and conversion work, now's your chance!
For all the details, check out my eBay auction for the army at the link here, and good luck to all you bidders!
(For conversion work, follow the link to my blog here and click on the "Space Marines" tag on the left!)


  1. I'll miss all those boys in blue. What color are you going to primer your new army?

  2. Your FACE color... Yeah.. I'm almost at 500pts of Necrons painted!

  3. Why was the Land Raider cut out of the smurf village picture? I knows you don't has anything white primed.

  4. That was a friend's LR he gave to me for free. So I'm going to give it back to him as he has a SM army now.