August 8, 2010


Irony <ahy-ruh-nee>
(–noun, plural -nies.)
Definition: When a Lantz reminds people about Warhammer 40K Rules.
Don't be frightened as this doesn't happen too often. My memory being that of a goldfish's prevents me from remembering how old I am most of the time (thank you blogger profile.) In this instance my memory isn't even involved as I've copied the material below from the latest episode of 40kRadio ( I know it's been up for a while, but it's been a busy week... Get off my back!) In their latest podcast a list of the top 25 (or 26) most forgotten rules for 40k was laid out for the masses. While some of these are obvious at least to me, there are a lot I forgot exist and 1 or 2 I don't think I ever knew. There's definitely something here for everyone. Hop on past the break for the lowdown.

1) Poisoned weapons get re-rolls to wound in close combat if their Strength is equal to or higher than the enemy's Toughness.
2) Units can't regroup from falling back if under 50% and/or within 6" of an enemy model.
3) Units have to be within 3" to claim an objective and 6" to contest it.
4) If you destroy an enemy transport in the Assault Phase, you may assault the occupants with another unit.
5) Independent Characters have the 'Move Through Cover' and 'Skilled Rider' special rules.
6) Independent Characters can be singled out in CC, but have to be in base to base contact.
7) Independent Characters must be in base to base contact to melee attack
7.a) Independent Characters make the first move before all models in their unit when assaulting or piling in and must get into base to base contact with the enemy if at all possible.
8) Force Weapons can inflict Instant Death, but use a psychic power in doing so.
9) Monstrous Creatures get the 'Move Through Cover' special rule.
10) Monstrous Creatures only get cover if 50% or more of the model is covered for line of site.
11) Jump Infantry must take a Dangerous Terrain Test when jumping in and out of terrain.
12) Bikes do not roll for terrain when assaulting, but take do a Dangerous Terrain Test when moving through terrain. And Eldar jetbikes can move 6" in the Assault Phase, even if not assaulting.
13) Beasts roll 2D6 and double the highest result when assaulting through cover for movement and normally have a 12" charge.
14) Hull mounted weapons always have a 45 degree shooting visibility arc.
15) Hits on vehicles from Barrage Weapons are always worked out as hitting the side armor.
16) Units in successive turns assaulting a vehicle may shoot it and then assault again, but count as an ongoing combat.
17) When assaulting a vehicle that hasn't moved, attacks automatically hit. If the vehicle moved up to 6" you will need a 4+ to hit. And up to 12" or more is a 6+ to hit.
18) Vehicles in squadrons treat Immobilized results as Wrecked and Crew Stunned results as Crew Shaken.
19) Passengers cannot shoot from vehicles if they are Crew Stunned or Crew Shaken.
20) Units which turbo-boost can't move through terrain.
21) Template weapons can fire at a fire point on a building or bunker and cause D6 wounds.
22) Ruins without bases are not counted as Area Terrain or Difficult Terrain.
23) Only the body of a model may have line of site drawn to it. Wings, tails, ornaments, etc. do not count.
24) You can roll separate dice for different kinds of weapons.
25) Units with a majority or more of their models in cover gain a cover save.
26) Falling back through a Wrecked vehicle counts as moving through Dangerous Terrain.


  1. Lots of good reminders there. Especially the bit about troops assaulting occupants of a vehicle if it is destroyed during the assault phase.

  2. Yeah, I thought of the last team game we played where that came up. lol