February 18, 2010

Wraith Lord Conversion

Here we are again, with another Necron conversion.

Necron Lords, as you probably already know, have the ability to trade in their legs for a Destroyer Body. While I want my Lord that runs with the Wraiths to have this upgrade, it seemed like he didn't fit in with his jet-bike-speed homies.

I found conversions online, and while some of them are pretty amazing, I wanted to try something less time consuming.

I started off with a Wraith and a Destroyer Lord. Expensive, I know, but well worth it in the end. My first job was to get the Wraith's upper torso off of his body.. tail.. thing. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT waist your time using a file, normal sanding disc or even a reinforced grinding disc. After 20 minutes or so, this is how far I got using the latter:

Twas a PITA...

Instead, I suggest going after this neato dremmel bit:

Heck if I know the name for it, but it gets the job done. And I mean in no time:

After cleaning off the sides and turning this thing into something a Lord's body could fit over, I clipped said body's back bone short like so:

Next, I put the 2 together, using some Greenstuff to fill in the gaps:

Next, I wanted a base fit for this BA. Seeing as how I have plenty of SM vehicle bits, I used a Predator's turret base and got creative:

Using a lighter, I carefully heated the thing down the center and gently bent it in half a little ways to give a melted effect:

After this, I placed the Lord in a "curled" fashion around the open turret base:

Add half of a door and a bit more melting and voila!

Attach my scythe and orb and there you have it. A Necron Lord worthy of rollin' with his Wraith posse:

Until next time!


  1. This purchase of two expensive models to make one model and the lack of magnets does not sound like the magnet pro I know.

    Admit it! You're the evil magnet pro doppleganger.

  2. Necrons have no need for magnets, sir! I'm sorry! /cry

  3. BEWARE THE HOVERBUTTS! Another fine conversion my friend.