February 11, 2010

Warrior to Immortal/Flayed One Conversion

Welcome back! Today I've come to tell the tail of devising a scheme on how to trick myself into starting my Necron army! Simply: GreenStuff and Saving Money. I'll explain..

Listen, we all have our budget set aside to buy our toys, but sometimes I just don't want to pay 15+ dollars for 2 elite models if I can help it. And so I found a tutorial online for how to turn a bunch of Necrons into Immortals. Genius. But using 2 guns per model leaves a lot of bodies leftover with nothing for them to do but be basing scrap for my SMs! So I thought, make some Flayed Ones and at the same time make my first attempt with GreenStuff! I thought I had come up with the idea of the gods! Unfortunately someone else had come up with this before me. Either way, I've made my own tutorial, so anyone else can /pelvicthrust! "Hugh!!!"

Flayed Ones

Ehhem... Umm, so here's the Flayed Ones, first. I constructed the body with 1 arm to get an idea of how this first attempt was going to go down. I also hunched the back over to give him that Flayed Ones feel. For the right arm we'll cut the gun off of the Warrior hand like so:

Next, shave the hand down so there is a flat surface for the blades/fingers. After this, I wanted to get an idea for the size of the blades/fingers. Mine are quite a bit longer than the original model, but it looks super-neato, so I'm keeping it. I cut out 3 fingers to about this shape in 3 different sizes:

Then I shaved the blades down to a point so they have a serrated look:

(Click for a closer look, it's hard to tell without a magnifying glass.)

Next I fit the first blade onto the semi-constructed model and shaved the base of the blade so it fit with the hand:

Eager to get to it with my very first GreenStuff attempt, I applied some to the head and shoulder to give the lovely skin a spotlight on the model:

Happy with how this turned out I finished both hands (constructing the left hand out of GreenStuff) and applied more skin to the model using a "wrap around, pull and tear off" technique (patent pending):

Having created more GreenStuff than I needed for 1 model, I practiced more on constructed legs for the other models I'd be completing:

Finally, I added more flesh over the GreenStuff-hand to cover it up and added some tearing marks into the skin for added detail. And that's it! Here is my ~$2.92 Flayed One:

And GW's $7.50 each models:


The next step is the Immortal. Take the gun with the cut-off handle and trim the fingers of the hand balancing the gun, off. Next, on both guns, remove the aim and the whatever you want to call the other item that sticks up next to it so it looks like this:

Next, clip off both blades so they look like this:

(Take one of those blades, toss it in your bits box and save the other.)

Next cut the tubes off of the handless gun and shave off the blade-holder as well. Also, apply the tips of both guns:

On the gun with hands, glue the blade back on so the tip is facing away from handle... There's a joke there somewhere, I'm sure. Also, partially cut part of the top of the tip of the barrel of the gun off like in the picture below:

Glue both guns together like so:

Now, if you're like me, you found that the arms don't look very good if you leave them as is. They feel like they're too close to the body and cover up the Necron face too much. If you don't feel this way, neato. If you do, it's time to go Sopranos on your Necron. I ended up breaking his arms so they could push further away from the body, filling in the gaps with GreenStuff:

Glue those arms onto the body:

Next cut the shoulder pads he's got going on... off. I also used a heated needle to put a hole through the blade like the GW version of this model:

Now I've found people using GreenStuff or Plasticard for the shoulders. But, I found it near impossible for me to get 2 shoulders that looked exactly the same, so I used plasticard--bending the rectangles to a curve:

Apply your shoulders, and you have a ~$2.92 Immortal:

Rather than the $13.25 GW Immortal:

It's all about the math, people. Until next time!


  1. Frankly, this is outstanding work and immediately solves both the weight issue (metal minis = travel issues) and the fact GW has, for no good reason, ignored bringing peripheral troops in plastic to Necron players. Bravo, sir! Bravo!

  2. Fantastic conversion there guy, I look forward to seeing hoards and hoards of them on the battlefield!

  3. Pretty awesome. I've told Darrell he should do the exact same thing. Now he has a guide.

  4. You can also use the leftover torso from the destroyer lord (already has shoulder pads) and leftover 4 barrel guns and arms from the heavy destroyers and Destroyer lords.

  5. Awesome conversions, thanks for the link!

  6. Glad you liked it! Anytime!