April 2, 2010

Necron Update

It's been a while since I've posted something, but that's honestly because it's been a while since I've done something post-worthy. As my friends will tell you, I enjoy the custom conversions and building of 40k models more than anything else. They'll also inform you of my extreme and probably unrealistic hatred of painting. This would beg the question, why are they talking about me so much? But it would also answer the question of why I consider models as "done", twice. When a model is complete with everything except "foo foo", I consider the project complete. The "foo foo" I'm referring to is priming, painting and basing. After those 3 things are done, it's once again "complete." So, in an attempt to move away from quotation marks and self discovery, I present to you the rest of the Flayed Ones from my conversion in a previous post:

As you can tell, I'm still a fan of the ridiculously long claws with imprecisely/barbarically sharpened edges:
I've got some touching up to do on the claws and skin, but I'm tired and cranky at the moment. So get off my back...

Anywho, along with the Flayed Ones come the rest of my less-exciting Immortals:

The other thing I'm getting really into is the foot-slogging, slow, ground-emerging wall of robot zombies theme I've got going here.
For the infantry, I'm only "submerging" about half of the ones that I make so I'm not cheating... too terribly.. (This only crossed my mind because of this post. Thanks Eric...)

The process for the ground-emerging is as you probably already guessed; very simple. Cut some feet off, and get creative with the legs bending and whatnot:

Shave the bottoms of the Scarabs (Ouch!):

And finish up the basic structure:

For basing; I used my box of rocks and some suggestive looking glue:

With some "white holes" to fill, I used my container of tinier rocks to get rid of the gaps:

And voila! Some snazzy looking bases:
These things will be dusty like a dessert wind, so I highly suggest brushing the crap out of these things or you're going to see some very... umm, "special" looking priming results.

Once primed, my Scarabs will look like an actual swarm unlike every other Scarab base out there:

Lastly, I'll show off my on-foot Necron Lord. I like the model with the claws, but it lacks Rez Orb. So, making a GreenStuff Rez Orb I ended up using the same strategy I took with Eldrad; and added some tentacle-goo-lightning-like effects to give the feeling that the Orb is being used at the time of capture:
I'm diggin' this model, but once again I have the fear that my lackluster painting skills will ruin the model.

Anywho, that's about all I've been up to as far as 40k goes. I'm going to get away from this post before I use any more quotation marks. I leave you with an epic picture of our last game night (one of our closest team battles to date) and a picture of my friend Rob dressed like an old lady/cancer patient for no apparent reason:
Later days.


  1. You could always talk to Darrell about painting your Necrons. He's an old pro by now.

  2. I really like the direction that you are going with the emerging Necrons and how the flayed ones are so stylized. It really breaks up the monotony of the standard robot army.
    As for "cheating" you still have to deal with true LOS :). So yeah, you may be able to get a little more cover from the chest high walls but your sight-lines are going to take quite a hit.
    Finally, have you thought about a display board/cinematic base for your robo-hobos? I think they would look really neat if you had a display base made with that same rocky theme.

  3. Thanks Mr. Ghengis! Idk what you mean by a display board/cinematic base, though. =(