June 18, 2010

A Shout Out to a Metal Mind

I wanted to make a post highlighting one of the most creative minds on miniatures I've seen in a long while, probably ever. Mark Hofmann of Musings of a Metal Mind is a creator of many things 40k that some have never laid eyes upon. So, I invite anyone who hasn't witnessed his masterpieces to read on and check it out.

This is the first work I ever witnessed of Mark's. Having an Ultramarines army myself, anything blue catches my eye. But the extent of work put into creating something so customized, yet so easily recognizable is what first turned me onto his work. I was hooked.

So I looked back, what else did he have to show off? Sadly, not too much at this point. But what was there reflected the same finesse for constructing truly unique models without sacrificing the ability to immediately recognize what the model is suppose to be. He had several custom built Attack Bikes and this snazzy scratch-built Titan to show off:

After this I awaited more updates, intently to say the least. A couple of posts popped up with more fantastic work:

Then, the first picture of what would become, in my opinion, the greatest custom work to date. Noting he wanted to play Nids with the new codex out and about, but still having a lot of Necrons on his To Do List, Mark put up this photo of his Destroyer Lord spiraling off his next army idea; the Tyracrons:
Let's just say my pants fit a bit better after this picture. He would go on to explain and give example that this would be a an army of Necrons and Tyranids molded into one: creating metal bugs of doom, or Tyracrons.

From this point on Mark has created numerous conversions for numerous armies:

And even some non-WHF/WH40k custom models (if you're a nerd such as I, you'll know what these are immediately):

And of course, my favorite; The Tyracrons:

And much much more on his blog!

Aside from all of his super-human conversion abilities, Mark's posts are always in depth. Explaining the thought process behind what he's created, the inspiration for his conversions and hints at what's up and coming on his table. The pictures I've posted here merely scratch the surface of what this man has on his blog. These are merely my favorites. So go check him out at: http://musingsofametalmind.blogspot.com

And speaking of updates, I have a conversion/tutorial treat for you Necron lovers out there coming soon! So keep an eye out for that.

Later days.

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