October 30, 2014

A Little Teaching And A Little Dragon

I started playing DnD with a new group and after we got our characters created and played a practice fight for everyone who's new to the game/edition, I was asked by my buddy and his fiance to paint her miniatures for her. The model above is her familiar, a miniature about the size of my thumb nail; this was a fun challenge. In addition, that same friend came over for a bit and painted his fig with a few tips I gave him along the way. Pictures after the break.

For Norbert the pseudodragon familiar, I tried to make it look like he was getting cozy with some shrubbery and leaves. This is a cute model and I felt it deserved extra attention to the cuteness:


And the fig that my friend painted (if you get thrown off by the name; good):

Kenny Loggins

(For his character's background he wrote the entirety of the lyrics to "Danger Zone")

I'll also be painting the Warlock that Norbert goes with, but that will have to be a later post. Until next time.

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