November 4, 2014

A Warlock Named Nyx

With our new DnD group taking flight, it's time to get finished figs on the table. A friend of mine who's playing our group's Warlock asked me to paint her fig for her. Normally I have the person I paint for give me notes on exactly what they want, but this person was very specific in her descriptions when she told me how she wanted things done, and put it in a way that I could remember it (no small feat), that I didn't require written notes. The unfortunate part was that I was sick last week for a couple of days and wasn't able to do anything but lie on the couch and eat takeout with my dog.. More after the jump.

Determined to finish the model before we all met up again I crammed a majority of painting into the morning-of. All said and done; the model turned out just fine, but in my rushed state I decided to heavy-wash the skin which gave a less clean look than I wanted. Other than the way the skin turned out, I'm pretty pleased with the model. I would have taken more time on the staff and the pseudodragon (since it's supposed to look the same as the one in my last post), but all in all it turned out just fine and my friend was delighted when she saw it.

And her and her husband made me cookies!
I Ate... So Many...

Until next time.